Does Being Skinny Mean Than You Are A Fit Person?
Recent studies indicate that more than half of the people who are within their ideal weight range actually store unhealthy amounts of body fat and are prone to a number of conditions like heart disease and diabetes. These statistics challenge the general perception about fitness as most people are under the impression that if they are skinny, then this means that they are perfectly healthy. However, these notions are totally deluded and being skinny can actually be as bad as being overweight.

It may sound a bit weird, but even if you have a perfectly normal body-mass index, it does not guarantee that you are healthy. It is not your actual weight that matters. The composition of your body is far more important when it comes to fitness. For you to be really fit, you must have sufficient muscle mass too. For example – a man who is six feet tall should weigh between 150 to 185 pounds. However, if most part of this weight is fat, then such a man is considered to be medically unfit. This condition is known as normal weight obesity and is it most common found in people who have more than 30% body fat. Thus, your weight is not an accurate indicator of your fitness. Looking healthy does not mean that you are truly healthy.

Betty Boop Does Being Skinny Mean that You are Fit?

Bodybuilders weigh much more than their ideal weight but they are incredibly strong and robust. This is because the excess weight is muscle and not fat. So individuals who aspire to be fit should focus primarily on muscle gain. This is achieved by performing strength training exercises combined with cardiovascular exercises. A high protein diet is also a pre-requisite for gaining muscle mass. Lean meats, protein powders, fish, eggs, legumes, pulses, nuts and dairy products are good sources of protein.

The human body has two different ways of storing fat in the body. One way is storing it under the skin as visible fat and the other way is storing it in the organs. When fat is stored in the organs, it severely affects their function and this ultimately takes a toll on the overall health of the individual. So even if you do not have any visible fat, this does not necessarily mean that you are not storing fat within your body. Being thin and skinny does not mean you are fit.

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Being underweight is detrimental to health. It is linked to a host of maladies such as osteoporosis, a weak immune system, dermatological problems, hair loss, anemia and many more. Underweight women often experience menstrual problems and undernourishment can be deplorable for the health of the fetus in pregnant women.

Skinny people feel that they have a license to eat whatever they want. This is totally untrue and any individual who consumes too much junk food is prone to having high cholesterol and is likely to suffer from diabetes, poor cardiac health and sexual dysfunction. So being skinny does not give you a right to be a couch potato and devour large portions of pizzas and burgers. Only a person who maintains a balanced diet and exercises regularly is genuinely healthy.

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