Summer 2013 Sun Care Tips for Kids
According to next week’s forecast for the inland northwest, we are supposed to get plenty of sunshine with temperatures climbing into the eighties.  This means that warmer weather is here and we need to start thinking about protecting our children’s precious skin from sun damage.  If your kids are going to venture into the sunshine this summer here are some tips to prevent serious sun burns this summer.

Replace your old sunscreen.

The SPF protection in sunscreens and other moisturizers only last a year.  After one year it will not work to protect delicate skin so throw all old SPF products in the garbage and replace them.  It is best to do this right away in early spring as soon as you see sunscreen in your local grocery, discount center or drugstore.

Don’t waste your money on expensive products with more than 50 SPF.

A product with 15 SPF is more than enough coverage for children’s skin.  Most sunscreens made for kids are 50 SPF or more but they can be more expensive too.  Store brands and generic brands work just as well as the popular name brand sun care products.  Compare the ingredients labels when you are shopping for sun screen.

Hats and sunglasses offer extra protection for kids. 

Wearing a sun hat will help protect the top of your child‘s head from sun damage.  If the hat has a wide brim it will also shade his face.  The sun’s uv rays can also be harmful for your child’s eyes.  Make sure he is wearing sunglasses if he is going to be playing outside for an extended period of time.

Reapply sunscreen every 20-30 minutes.

If you are planning a trip to the beach, lake or another extended outdoor activity this summer make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 20-30 minutes or your child might still get a sunburn.

A majority of kids spend the most hours of their life in the sun before the age of 18, so it is very important that  parents teach their children how to have fun in the sun safely.  Protecting your kids’ skin now will help prevent them from developing melanoma or another form of skin cancer in the future.

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