5 Must Follow People in the Fitness Industry

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The internet is full of people giving workout advice, but how do you really know who to follow? Well, I have scoured the internet for you and found 5 entertaining, genuine and knowledgeable people you must follow in the fitness industry. 

Cory Gregory

Creator of the popular MusclePharm products, this 33 year old has made quite the name for himself in the fitness industry. He is featured in many magazine covers and has hundreds of thousands of social media followers.  He has tweeted over 44,000 times and has a large YouTube following.

Tee Major

Tee Major is a US military fitness instructor and an active bloggerand Facebooker.   He has a dedicated and loyal following of a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.  His Youtubechannel

David Zinczenko

David has done it all. He has passed legislation, written a number of books, served in the military and appeared on countless TV shows. He has hundreds of thousands of twitterfollowers and just signed a multimilliondollar book deal with powerhouse publisher Random House.


Chalene Johnson

Her website is only the beginning of her online influence. She is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Unlike the others on this list, Chalene is also a business and lifestyle coach. 

Brett Hoebel

You may recognize him from TV shows like The Biggest Loser (season 11) or Dr. Oz.  Brett offers great advice online too.  He was 50 pounds overweight as a child and is now a top fitness expert and weight loss specialists. He spends time advocating against bullying too. With over 18,000 likes on Facebookand Twitter, he is definitely someone worth following.

This article was written by Sergeant Michael Volkin, inventor of Strength Stack 52 fitness cards, a unique way to transform bodyweightexercises into a fun and competitive workout.

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5 Must Follow People in the Fitness Industry
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