Novel Creates Story Behind True Biblical Events
When I read my bible I imagine what life was really like in Jesus’ time.  I envision the small villages and towns, busy people working in fields or servants in wealthy households.  And I picture Jesus as a humble, kind, celebrity-type character attracting crowds wherever he goes.

In the novel, “I Have Grown in His Love,” by professor and secretary of the Deacons Council for the Coptic Orthodox Church, Ibrahim Michail Hefzallah, the reader is taken on a journey of events in the Bible through the eyes of the young boy whose five loaves and two fish were blessed to feed a large crowd.

The Bible does not share details about this young boy whom Professor Hefzallah names, James.  “I Have Grown in His Love,”  introduces the reader to this fictional character, his life, and the people he surrounds himself with as he grows in his love for Jesus.

I enjoyed reading about James and getting to know him better and how he and his family lived during the time of Jesus.  Because I am a history buff, I wished the novel contained more information about the towns and what life was like during the character James’ life.  Throughout the middle of the book Hefzallah quotes the bible with different characters telling stories of Jesus to James.  If I want to read these stories I can just open up my Bible.  I understand that the author needed to include Biblical stories in order to touch upon important aspects of the book.  If he added more historical facts and descriptions then the book would be a more interesting and balanced read.

For Christians who are looking for a different take on the Bible, and a unique story about how one young man matures in his faith and love for Jesus during the time of Christ, “I Have Grown in His Love,” is the perfect book.
“While I was meditating, I imagined the Biblical events as I was reading,” says Ibrahim Hefzallah, “That night I put myself into the young boy’s position who gave Jesus bread and fish to bless and was left with all sorts of questions; who was this boy? What was his life before and after the miracle?  From there, I let my imagination tell his story of faith.”

You can purchase “I Have Grown in His Love” by Ibrahim Michail Hefzallah on,, and your local bookstore.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of “I Have Grown in His Love,” by Ibrahim Michail Hefzallah in exchange for this review.  All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.  

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