Don’t Miss My Expert Interview Today at the Happy Parents and Kids Summit

Would you like to feel happier? Would you like to have happier children? Could you benefit from spending 45 minutes learning from the top experts in the world on happiness and parenting?
Because the people in my life are so important to me and I know how important it is to you to create more happiness in your life and in the lives of your children, I am excited to share with you this once-in-a lifetime gift that could transform your life.

My colleague Beth Spicer has brought together 30 of the world’s top experts, including myself, to share their stories, strategies and wisdom for you, for a special onetime FREE virtual event: The Happy Parents and Kids TeleSummit!

I am very excited that a special invitation has been given to me to speak as an expert at this event! 

Cascia Talbert
I will share:

  • My opinion on what a healthy life style is
  • Tips and strategies to maintain a healthy life style for the whole family
  • Easy ideas to serve and prepare healthy meals
  • Short cuts for living healthy for busy parents
To Join Us:

Title: Simple Steps Every Family Can Take to Live Healthy and Happy
Time: 6am PST

Visit to sign up for this free event today!

Don’t forget to download my free e-book, Simple Ways You and Your Family can Live Healthier and Happier

 It is my honor to partner with you and thousands of others who want to shift from overwhelmed or getting by; to creating the joyful and happy life you and your kids have always desired but did not know how to achieve.

We can’t promise you that an event like this will happen again, so please make sure to make being happy a priority NOW and take advantage of this gift right away!

This special virtual summit will allow you to:
  • Learn easy and simple tools to increase happiness in your life and your children’s
  • Discover insights into what may be keeping you and your children from being happy
  • Break old habits that prevented you from being truly happy
  • Explore new strategies to use with your children to create more harmony and peace in your relationship
  • Walk away with a new understanding of why you and your children act as you do
  • Have a toolbox of new strategies to create a happier life for you, your kids and your family
And much more…

Please click here to reserve your spot now!

I really hope that you will join me and the other world renown experts, so you can learn how to make being truly happy a reality in your life and your children’s.

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