5 Simple Tips to Make Family Meals Healthier

You start your day early but for some reason it always seems like there just isn’t enough hours to complete your check list.  The kids get rushed out the door to school and you run errands or go to work. Once you get home more than half of your day is over and you still need to get a healthy meal on the table.  American families are busy and quick and easy meals are convenient but not always healthy. Below are a few simple tips on how you can add better nutrition to every day meals.

1. Make Breakfast More Nutritious

An ideal breakfast consists of  lean proteins, veggies, fruit, and whole grains.  An egg white garden omelet with whole grain toast would be the perfect start to a child’s day.  But with the little time most families have in the morning this kind of breakfast is not always feasible.  Look for low sugar (10 grams or less), high fiber, vitamin enriched breakfast options are a lot easier to come by and can be a good start to a child’s day.

2. Power Pack Your Lunches

To keep the body fueled for the remainder of the day complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and electrolyte rich foods are very important. An easy and healthy lunch idea is a turkey or chicken sandwich on whole grain bread with either lettuce and tomato or avocado and a banana.   Grill chicken ahead of time and store in your fridge to top salads, make into quick sandwiches or strips for dipping in low-fat dressings or sauces. Kids love all natural chicken nuggets or turkey dogs.  Serve these with fresh fruits, pre-cut veggies and a glass of milk.

3. Casseroles and Stir-Fries Make Simple and Healthy Dinners 

Casseroles are a great quick way to cook a healthy dinner for the family.  In there you can sneak veggies, extra fiber, vitamin rich foods etc.  Try this; puree carrots and combine them with boxed corn bread brown some ground turkey with low sodium taco seasoning.  Combine the corn bread mix with the seasoned ground turkey and a little bit of cheese and bake.  You can top it with non fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for a great, healthy, and quick meal. Stir Fries are also simple and healthy.  Brown cubed chicken or shrimp in a wok with canola oil.  Add low-sodium teriyaki sauce and ginger.  Mix in fresh veggies or a frozen stir-fry mix.  Simmer and serve over brown rice. 

4. Use Simple Healthy Ingredients in Recipes 

Stock your fridge and pantry with these super foods – whole grain bread, egg whites, frozen mixed vegetables, lean meats like chicken breast or ground turkey, Greek yogurt, and bananas.

5. Trick Picky Eaters to Eat More Veggies

Mix pureed vegetables in sauces, and home made breads. Add chopped vegetables into casseroles and mix with lean proteins. Be creative and use a variety of different fruits in your favorite dessert recipes. 

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