The Benefits of a Venta Airwasher for Young Families

Allergies, colds, bloody noses, croup… When your child is suffering with any kind of ailment, your whole family is affected. Soothing your loved ones is your main concern, but what if you could cut those nasty symptoms off at the pass? According to the Mayo Clinic, cold viruses thrive in dry conditions and dry mucous membranes cause stuffy nose and sore throats. Treating indoor air is an element of tackling symptoms before they rear their ugly heads.
We have all heard of using humidifiers and air purifiers, but how can they help your family on a daily basis?
With consistent use, humidifiers and air purifiers add moisture to the air and help filter your home of dirt, dust, pollen, dust mites, and animal hair. But Mayo Clinic staff warns consumers to make sure humidifier and air purifier filters are changed and the units cleaned regularly to fend off mold, fungi and bacteria.
Venta Airwashers take away the concern and inconvenience of changing and spending money on filters. Using cold evaporation (so little fingers will not be burned) and rotating disks to bring moisture into the air, there is vaporization but no over-humidifying. The air is then humidified to the correct percentage based on your unique indoor environment.

But what about filtering out elements?

The Venta Airwasher is a humidifier and an air purifier. Particles are drawn in and pass over a wet rotating disk stack, adhere to the stack and are then pulled down into the water. The water evaporates, leaving dirt and dust in the unit. Venta recommends rinsing or wiping out the lower housing unit every 10-14 days.

When a mother’s mind is at ease, life seems to run a little more smoothly. Whether your concern is ridding your home of allergens or keeping little noses tissue-free, introducing a humidifier and air purifier is a smart and proactive choice for wellness at home.

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