Best Health and Fitness Blogs for Moms

With millions of blogs online and thousands of health blogs claiming to provide the best health information for moms and families we chose a list of ten of our favorites.  These mom bloggers provide unique content in their individual style on health, and fitness. Each one of them deserves to be recognized.

Top Ten Best Health and Fitness Blogs for Moms

1.  Wellness Mama

Katie a.k.a “The Wellness Mama” is a mother of five children and very passionate about health and wellness. She blogs about a wide variety of topics ranging from health, fitness, healthy recipes and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You can visit Katie at

2. Workout Mommy

Lisa from has been blogging about health and fitness since 2007.  She is a mother of four and personal trainer, group fitness instructor, marathon runner, and overall fitness junkie. She shares information for busy moms on how to stay motivated to take the time to care for their health and fitness.  Lisa is an inspiration and I have been following her blog from the beginning. You can visit her at

3. Healthy Her Living

Amanda Little is the blogger behind Healthy Her Living.  She started this very informative health and wellness site when she began her own journey to healthy living.  Her site is full of well researched information on healthy lifestyle topics important to women.  Visit Amanda at

4. On Balance

Mother of three and health and fitness coach, Karen shares her health and fitness tips on her blog, On Balance. She is a  life-long fitness enthusiast, a long-distance runner, and a tireless supporter of others who want to live well. You can visit Karen at

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5. Fit Moms & Full Plates

The Fit Moms, Pam and Dani share their love for health and fitness together on their blog,  These two moms are best friends and have run several half marathons together. I love their creativity and the awesome tips that they share for busy moms. For more information visit Pam and Dani at

6. Diet Drama

“Drama Queen,” Terri shares her adventure in weight loss on her blog,  She considers herself a full-time dieter and blogs about different diet plans that she has tried and the challenges of trying to lose the baby weight. I invite you to visit Terri at

7. Journey of a Dreamer

Courtney Norman is a young mother of one and a health and fitness enthusiast. She blogs about her adventures with CrossFit, Running, Healthy Eating, Faith, Parenting, and an occasional craft. You can visit Courtney at

8. Fit Chick Tricks

Muscle Mommy is the founder of  She is a mother of two, “gym-rat,” and fitness writer.  She shares her fitness tips for busy moms as well as other health and nutrition tips.  You can visit Muscle Mommy at

9. Racing and Saving Mama

Blogger and mother of two, Kristina shares tips and information for busy moms on how to save money and stay fit.  She loves clipping coupons and health and fitness.  I love the great tips on Kristina’s site for busy moms.  You can visit Kristina at

10.  Modern Alternative Mama

Modern Alternative Mama is a blog put together by several Christian moms, health experts, and published authors. They share tips on healthy eating, pregnancy, faith, family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can visit Modern Alternative Mama at

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Are you a mom and have a blog about health and fitness? We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment if you are interested in having us feature you.

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