Holiday Beauty Tips to Save You Time and Money

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The Holiday season is in full swing. During this hectic time of year many busy moms like me often blow off their usual beauty routine.  In order to feel good about yourself you should also care about your appearance. If you are struggling to find the time, energy and money to take care of your looks this season here are some beauty tips that will help make the Holidays more enjoyable this year.

Keep Moisturizers Handy

Most climates in the US have very dry winters.  This dry season can take its toll on your skin and lead to further skin damage if not taken care of properly.  You can prevent this by placing moisturizers in places that are convenient during this busy time of year. Carry lip balm and a trial size hand lotion in your purse or car. Place small bottles of lotion next to your liquid hand soap by every sink in your house.  It isn’t necessary to purchase expensive hand lotion or lip balm. You kind find moisturizers that will work just as well at your local dollar store.

Eye Care Tips

If you are planning on attending some late night parties this Holiday season try this tip to help soothe your tired, puffy eyes. Grab some cotton balls or a washcloth and run them under cold water. Wring them out to get rid of the excess and place them on your eyes for about ten minutes.  The coolness will help improve circulation, reduce swelling and restore bright eyes. If you are super organised, you can even put the wet cotton balls or washcloth in the freezer on wax paper overnight.

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Relief for Tired and Swollen Feet

Spending all day shopping at the mall or standing during that office party can leave your feet tired, sore and swollen.  Try soaking your feet in a tub of warm water and sea salt for ten minutes then switch to a cold water soak for another ten minutes. The warm water will relieve the soreness and the cold water will help reduce the swelling. You can find low cost sea salt at your local grocery store.  After your feet are done soaking elevate your feet to drain the fluid that may have built up.  You can then massage your feet with lotion or have your husband do it for you.

Drink Lots of Water

This tip is often forgotten during the cold winter months.  Our bodies are made up of  60% water.  Water hydrates, detoxifies, acts as an appetite suppressant, relieves headache and body pains, helps our brains function properly, regulates body temperature, helps prevent cramps, aids in digestion and our immune system, hydrates our skin, relives fatigue, improves skin elasticity, makes skin look younger…(wow!) the list goes on. In other words water is very essential for both health and beauty. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere.  Most stores carry cute water bottles with convenient hooks which can attach to your purse, diaper bag, stroller and just about anything.

The Holidays are crazy and stressful.  But you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty and well being during this time of year.  Always remember that the most important thing every mom must do is take care of herself first. When mom is happy and healthy everyone will be happy and healthy too.

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