One of a Kind Gift Wrapping Ideas

You’ve spent a lot of time selecting the perfect gift, so don’t wrap it in boring paper. The gift wrapping is almost as fun to look at as it is to open!

Here are a few gift wrap ideas to take your gift from ho-hum to memorable:

Read All About It: Wrap your gift in the Sunday newspaper’s colorful comics. This throwback wrapping paper is nostalgic and fun — and very inexpensive! Other sections of the paper work well, too; wrap a Father’s Day gift in the sports section or accent the black-and-white inside pages with a bright red ribbon.

Take a Picture: Use your computer to create and print collages of personal photos. Tape the pages together to create large sheets of “wrapping paper.”

Painted Paper: White butcher block paper is the perfect way to create homemade wrapping paper. You can paint or write a message (“I love you!” or “Happy birthday!”) on the paper. Your children can finger paint or press their little handprints all over the sheets, too.

Creative Accents: Wrap your gift in inside-out paper grocery bags and accent the box with organic decorative touches such as evergreen, holly, pinecones, sand dollars or seashells. Complement these elements with twine, leather rope or velvet ribbons.

Recycled Labels: Cut old greeting cards in half and use the front image as a recycled label.

Wallpaper Wrapping: Head to the home improvement store and stock up on clearance wallpaper for a creative and inexpensive way to wrap gifts.

Jump Rope Ribbon: Tie up gifts for children with jump ropes — they’ll love receiving a gift with their gift!

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Hostess Gifts: If you’re bringing wine to a party, wrap the bottle in a pretty, colorful dish towel.

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