10 Best Pregnancy and Baby Blogs

Yesterday we visited some good friends and they are expecting their fourth child.  Conversations with the expectant mother reminded me of when we were expecting another baby.  We shared stories of our previous pregnancies and talked about her current pregnancy. She is due in about a month and is ready for her new arrival.

If you are expecting a new baby like my friend you may be interested in learning more about a few of my favorite pregnancy and baby blogs.  Each of these provide information or share personal stories about pregnancy and taking care of small children. It would also be wonderful if mothers have another platform like Community digital story app to share their stories and give each other pieces of advice.

1. Pregnant Chicken – Keeping Pregnancy Sunny Side Up

The Pregnant Chicken, by Amy Morrison, a mother of two young boys, is an educational and entertaining blog about pregnancy and what to expect as a new parent.  You can visit Amy at pregnantchicken.com.

2.  Little Baby Garvin

Little Baby Garvin is a blog started by a young mom when she was expecting her first child.  She is known for documenting her pregnancy weeks with a chalkboard.  This cute blog shares stories about pregnancy and raising a young child.  Visit littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com for more information.

3.  Mama Seeds

Mama Seeds is an educational blog covering a wide variety of topics important to pregnant mothers and new mothers.  I love the high quality posts and tips shared on this site.  You can visit Mama Seeds at MamaSeeds.com.

4. Fit to Be Pregnant

Every mother wants a fit and healthy pregnancy.  This blog by fitness expert and mother of four, Deanna Schober, documents her pregnancy journey when she was expecting her fourth child. She also shares pregnancy fitness and nutrition tips.  For more information about Fit to Be Pregnant and Deanna Schober visit FitToBePregnant.com.

5. The Homeopathic Pregnancy Blog

If you are interested in learning more about the safest way to treat your pregnancy symptoms and care for your baby you must visit The Homeopathic Pregnancy Blog.  This site by Homeopathy expert Piper Martin shares helpful information on using homeopathic medicine to treat pregnancy symptoms and care for babies.  Visit Piper at PiperMartin.wordpress.com.

6. Baby Kerf

Baby Kerf, by registered dietitian and mom, Kath is a blog about her pregnancy story and motherhood. For more information about Kath and Baby Kerf visit BabyKerf.com.

7. Hello Bee

Hello Bee is a blog written by several different moms and expectant mothers.  This blog is full of personal motherhood and pregnancy stories and parenting and pregnancy tips.  Visit HelloBee.com for more information.

8. Baby Dickey

This blog by Emily, a mother of two offers a wide variety of information about pregnancy, parenting and product recommendations for pregnant moms and new moms.  You can visit Emily at BabyDickey.com.

9. Mama and Baby Love

Mama and Baby Love is a blog by foodie and health advocate, Stephanie.  She shares healthy living and natural parenting tips for new moms.  I encourage you to visit Stephanie at MamaAndBabyLove.com.

10.  Baby Making Becky

This blog by a mother of twin boys, shares her personal story about her twin pregnancy and parenting twins. You can visit Becky at BabyMakingBecky.blogspot.com.

Do you blog about pregnancy, motherhood and infant care?  I am always looking for new blogs to visit and would love to learn more about yours!  For those of you looking for information on how to have a healthy pregnancy and care for your new baby I hope you found these blogs helpful.

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