10 Great Fitness Blogs for Moms

If you are looking for tips, advice or just some extra motivation to stay fit and active for 2014, visiting these blogs will help you reach your fitness goals.  Below is my list of 10 great fitness blogs for moms.

1. Diary of a Fit Mommy by Sia Cooper

Sia is a mother and nurse.  Her blog, Diary of a Fit Mommy, is about her personal fitness journey and how you can stay fit during your pregnancy and beyond. You can visit Sia at fitmommydiaries.blogspot.com.

2. Fit Mom in Training by Stephanie

Fit Mom in Training is a personal blog about Stephanie’s life as a mom, wife, career woman and fitness enthusiast.  For more information about Stephanie and Fit Mom in Training visit fitmomintraining.com.

3. The Get Fit Mom by Jessica Sobolewski

Jessica blogs about health, fitness and being a mom. You can visit her at thegetfitmom.com.

4. Fit Fab Fun Mom by Jane

Jane is a mom who enjoys fitness, fashion and photography.  Her blog, fitfabfunmom.com, is a lifestyle blog about fitness, fashion, food, photos and family.

5.  Fit Hip Mom by Alicia

Alicia is a young mother of two from Chicago. Her blog, Fit Hip Mom is about fitness, fashion and her personal adventures as a mom. Visit Alicia at fithipmom.blogspot.com.

6. Hippy Fit Mom by Amber

Amber is a a entrepreneur, military spouse and mother of two. She is trying to find balance in this beautiful life as a wife, a mother, and everything in between while staying fit and healthy. For more information about Amber visit hippyfitmom.com.

7.  Fitness for Mom by Cami Checketts

Cami is an author, exercise consultant and mother of four.  You can visit her blog at fitnessformom.blogspot.com.

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8. Fat to Fit Confessions by Morgan

Morgan is a mother of three under five trying to lose the baby weight.  Follow her health, wellness, weight loss and fitness journey at fattofitconfessions.blogspot.com.

9.  Fit Foodie Mom by Darcy

Darcy is a a United States Marine Corps Veteran and the mom of a girl born in 2011 and a boy born in 2013. They, and the group fitness classes she instructs, keep her running from morning until night. Darcy blogs about fitness, food and being a mom. You can visit her at fitfoodiemom.com.

10. Diary of a Fit, Single Mom by Michelle

Michelle is a single mom raising three children. She blogs about her family, fitness and her honest feelings about her life. You can visit Michelle at fitsinglemom.com.

Are you a mom and have a blog about health and fitness? We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment if you are interested in having us feature you.

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  • Healthy Mommy , February 6, 2016

    Hi Cascia! I just started a new blog looking to inspire and motivate new mothers who are trying to find themselves and come into their own again. As a nurse I have an experienced background in medical knowledge and a desire to help others achieve their health goals. As I became a new mother, I experienced first hand the changes and hardships that new mothers face, such as taking on a new role, fluctuating hormone levels, and beginning to feel okay with being myself again. With this, I was able to work towards becoming more strong and physically fit, improving my overall well-being and emotional sense of self. Please help me in my quest to help other mommies who feel stuck or looking for some guidance in becoming the best they can be! I will be offering tips, advice, and simple instructions to health, fitness and nutrition! Feel free to contact me anytime. My blog URL is https://healthymommysite.wordpress.com/ and my email is healthymommysite@yahoo.com.

    Thanks again!
    Healthy Mommy

  • Cascia Talbert , February 8, 2016

    Thank you for your comment. Good luck in your endeavors.

  • Anna Wright , January 16, 2017

    Really a great list, appreciate the blogs posted in aim of fitness, thanks for such an useful article!

  • best gynecologist in delhi , January 17, 2017

    Thanks For Sharing.. Its Very Help full for me. A blog to keep it real, while inspiring moms to take care of themselves in the easiest and quickest way possible! … best gynecologist in delhi.

  • sandy , May 5, 2017

    Wow! I am suffering with heavy fat after delivery. I was looking for some tips but you have shared a bunch of informational blogs. i read some home remedies here.it looks very natural and useful ideas for weight loss.thanks for sharing.

  • Jack Miller , November 8, 2017

    Hi Cascia,

    I would like to thank the author for sharing such informative blog with us. The author has covered several points about fitness tips & advice or just some extra motivation for moms in a very good sequence as well as simple words that make it easy to understand and adopt in our daily life.

  • Nolan , September 25, 2018

    People, people…just get a peloton!!

    My wife was in New York and saw the Peloton store while she was up there visiting girlfriends. She was impressed with what she saw. I knew she was seriously looking for a solid workout machine for the house so I figured it would be a great gift and great for her transition out of post-partum (recent child birth). She got depressed after #1 and #2 so I was very motivated to help her however I could. When it arrived I was truly impressed. It has a very modern design, sleek. And very sturdy and well built. As nice (probably nicer) than any fancy bike you will see in a gym or studio. So far I have taken a class about two of every three days (for the last few months). Sometimes I do a live class, sometimes I do an “on demand” class. Just this morning, I woke at 650 and went downstairs and took a 45-min live class. Damn, I’m feeling good at work today. Pre-work classes always make me a high functioning, energetic team mate in the office. Always, I enjoy this bike so so much. On days when I’m feeling a little sluggish I’ll do a 20 minute class, when I’m feeling good I’ll do a 45 minute one. I burn around 250 calories for every 20 minutes I ride this bike (37yr old male), which to me is a solid result for my efforts. Besides tracking calories, you can track your cadence (rpm), resistance (how hard or easy you set it), your heart rate, and your output (a measure of cadence and resistance). Also, you can see how well you are doing against yourself (your previous rides), others, and even friends. For someone who is inspired by competition (like me!) this is the workout bike for you.

    As for my wife. Although we got the bike “for her,” we both use it equally. Some nights, after the kids are down, we head to the basement together and she does a 20-min ride while I do a stretch (peloton offers much, much more than just bike instruction), then we swap. For our stretch/yoga/strength classes that they offer, we just stream those to a TV from my phone. Of course whoever is on the bike is using the bike screen. One of us has to put on earphones, it’s sort of annoying if we are both listening to instructors at the same time. Doing this workout together has actually been something that’s improved our relationship through a like interest, comradery, and improving each of our overall feeling (mind body etc). She (“we” as most now say) just had a baby-our second. She recently told me this has helped her drop the baby fat faster than any other form of exercise in the past. Makes sense considering it’s primarily working your thighs and glutes which are the largest muscle areas in your body, resulting in a fantastic cardio workout. As for me, I have seen massive improvements in my lower body physique. Actually my upper body as well as I often take classes that mix legs and arm workouts in one session-all on the bike (peloton comes with weights and you pick between 1lb, 2lb, or 3lb). So bottom line we are both feeling energetic, healthier, and stronger. Which means (personally speaking), I’m feeling HAPPIER. Additionally, I play ice hockey and as the oldest guy on the team the bike has helped me regain some lost speed and strength. And most importantly, I don’t get winded after a long shift, which used to be the norm.

    All and all, I have had NO ISSUES with this bike. Worst thing to happen so far is the heart rate monitor (which is wireless) has lost connection during a ride, but that didn’t matter much to me. Maybe it was even my fault, I don’t know. (UPDATE: They replaced it for free and all is fine now)

    Anyways, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions. I’m happy to answer anything I can. Also, my referral code is below. If you use it you will receive $100 off your bike (and I will get a coupon to buy peloton clothing apparel, woohoo!).

    All the best to each and every one of you.

    Nolan A.
    My referral code: DTGW7Q
    If you have a peloton, add me as a friend! My username is CaptainSpandeXX

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