PYSIS Overboots Allow you to PROTECT Your Shoes… and Arrive In Style

With record low temperatures and snow hitting most of the country, it is reassuring to know that stylish women can now protect their favorite footwear this winter with PYSIS (pronounced pi-seez) Overboots.

According to “Glamour” magazine, the average woman will spend close to $25,000 on shoes in her lifetime. A peek into a random woman’s closet will likely reveal 19 pairs of shoes that are comprised of “three pairs with heels, six pairs of flip-flops, sandals, ballet pumps or wedges, three pairs of boots and four pairs of ‘foxy-style’ shoes for nights out.” Only three members of this representative footwear wardrobe offer anything in the way of practicality when it comes to cold, wet weather. Even when they’re included in the boot family, though, chances are good they are either impractical fashion boots or unstylish galoshes, resorted to only when the elements allow no other alternative.

PYSIS overboots are designed to protect women’s multi-thousand-dollar shoe investment. A complete overhaul on the galoshes of yesteryear, PYSIS’ Posh Galoshes are designed to keep the under-shoe clean and dry in rain, snow, salt and slush. At the same time, they are so stylish that even the most persnickety fashionista will want a pair in her shoe closet.

Made of weather-resistant soft polyurethane, PYSIS features an elastic closure at the shaft for an adjustable fit over a wide range of shoe styles. Sealed seams, a molded rubber cup sole and a convenient carry bag sold with each pair round out the practical highlights, but the fashion-forward, high-style construction of the overboots shines with each step taken in them.

I love wearing cool and unusual footwear.  Below are three of my absolute favorites from my closet.

Out here in Spokane we usually get a lot of snow in the winter. However, this year we are experiencing a drought, but it still is pretty cold. I’d like to be able to keep my feet warm outside and still look good. When I go to church or on a date with my husband I make sure I wear stylish shoes with my outfit. When I heard about PYSIS, I thought it was a pretty neat concept. Working women, or any woman who wants to take care of her shoes can protect them from inclement weather. Besides that, PYSIS overboots are so cute too! They don’t look like frumpy galoshes. 

When I tried the PYSIS overboots I noticed that they fit easily over my three favorite pairs of footwear.  They are simple to put on and so darn cute! Working mothers who are required to dress up for work, and all women wishing to protect their shoe collection must have a pair of PYSIS overboots in their closet. 

To learn more about PYSIS’ perfect marriage between function and fashion, see a video of PYSIS in action or purchase, please visit About PYSIS Short for “Protect Your Shoes in Style,” PYSIS (pronounced: pi-seez) allow women to safeguard their favorite shoes against Mother Nature’s harshest elements. Featuring a treaded rubber sole, a collapsible design and an innovative closure, PYSIS protect against rain, slush, salt and snow, yet at all times remain fashion forward. PYSIS overboots can be worn over many different styles of shoes and boots from hidden platforms, kitten heels and wedges to even sky-high stilettos. They even fit seamlessly overtop of leather and suede heeled boots.

*Disclosure: I received a pair of PYSIS overboots in exchange for this review.  All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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