10 Great Fashion and Beauty Blogs for Moms

For overall health and wellness it is important to take care of yourself from the inside out. If you take care of your physical appearance you will have more confidence and feel better on the inside. This list of 10 great fashion and beauty blogs will help you look good and have a better self worth.

1. Well Beauty Blog by Cori

Cori is a registered dietitian and beauty blogger.  She has a passion for natural beauty and natural food.  The Well Beauty Blog is devoted to natural and organic beauty, health and wellness, and eco-friendly living. For more information visit wellbeautyblog.com.

2. Itensify Beauty Blog  by Shinaaya Naya

Shinaaya is a beauty blogger from Pakistan.  She reviews fashion and beauty products for women and shares her beauty tips. You can visit Shinaaya at beautyintensify.blogspot.com.

3. Dr. Beauty Blog by Maria

Maria is a doctor and blogger. She writes about health and wellness tips,  beauty and fashion. For more information about Maria and the Dr. Beauty Blog visit: drbeautyblog.com.

4. The Budget Beauty Blog  by Jen

Jen is a wife, mother and blogger from New York.

” Hi, I’m Jen and I’ve been obsessed with beauty products since I was a kid. As an adult, I worked for Sephora for several years and learned so much about luxury makeup, skincare and hair, but I love bargains and drugstore makeup. I started the Budget Beauty Blog so that I could combine my knowledge of high-end beauty products with the drugstore lines to bring you reviews, comparisons, and dupes and hopefully save you some money along the way.” budgetbeautyblog.com

5. Southern Beauty Blog by Eileen

Eileen is a blogger from the southern United States.  She blogs about a variety of topics including, info on skin care, cosmetics, hair products, fashion and beauty trends, beauty regimens, health, fitness, spas, jewelry, intimate apparel, hairstyles and more.You can visit Eileen at soouthernbeautyblog.com.

6. Fitness Beauty Blog

“Fitness & Beauty Blog is THE place to find tons of information, resources, tips and tools about fitness, diets, beauty and lifestyle. We are eager to share experiences, help you achieve your goals or guide you through your body transformation or weight loss journey. Healthier, happier, better looking YOU is OUR mission and we’d love to hear from you. Welcome and Enjoy!” fitnessbeautyblog.com

7. Divas and Dorks

“Divas and Dorks….Everything fashionable, infamous and entertaining about technology! That’s what we’re all about! The newest gadgets, flyest fashions and how they intertwine in entertainment and everyday life.” divasanddorks.com

8.  La Fashionisma by Rene Berry

Rene is a wife and fashion blogger. She blogs about her favorite fashion trends and information on food, travel and decor. You can visit Rene at lafashionisima.com.

9. Personal Style – by Iman Oubou

Iman Oubou is a cancer researcher and beauty and lifestyle blogger. She blogs about her favorite fashions and beauty tips. For more information about Personal Style and Iman Oubou visit: missoubou.blogspot.com.

10. The Way to My Hart – by Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart is a wife, lifestyle enthusiast and blogger infatuated with all things fashion and beauty from New York City.  She blogs about fashion and beauty tips. You can visit Jessica at thewaytomyheart.com.

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