10 Top Christian Mom Blogs

I believe that faith plays an important role in healthy living. In order to be healthy you must take care of your whole self. This includes your physical being as well as your soul. We are destined for something far greater than what is here on earth. Because of this it is crucial that we have a strong relationship with our creator. Educating ourselves in the Christian faith through prayer, worship and reading will deepen our relationship with Jesus.

Below is my list of 10 Top Christian Mom Blogs.


1. The Schumm Explosion by Allison Schumm

Allison Schumm

Allison Schumm and her husband of 9 years have been blessed with 14 children.  They began adopting in 2005 and raise their children in a Christian home.  You can find their story, recipes, family budgeting tips, and tips on how to raise a mega family on her Christian mom blog at schummexplosion.blogspot.com.

2. Blessings Abound Mommy by Jacqueline Renner

Jacquline is a Christian, homeschooling mom of five from Alaska.  She blogs about Alaskan living, recipes, reviews and giveaways and family life. You can visit Jacquiline at akblessingabound.com.

3. A Proverbs Wife  by Saidah

A Proverbs WifeSaidah (that’s pronounced SI-E-DA), is a Christian mother of four and she shares her faith and love of the Lord through her blog.  She believes that the key to a happy marriage is a God centered one. She also shares healthy recipes, fashion and style tips, and encouraging articles. For more information on A Proverbs Wife and Saidah visit aproverbswife.com.
Christian Clippers is a blog for Christian families wishing to learn more about how to budget God’s money wisely.  This blog has several contributors who share their money saving tips and write about their favorite Christian organizations and charities. For more information about this Christian mom blog visit christianclippers.com.
5. Embracing Him by Andrea Thorpe
Embracing Him

Andrea is a Christian wife, blogger and homeschooling mother of three young girls.

“Here at Embracing Him, I write about how staying close to God and following Him has prepared, equipped, and encouraged me in my roles as a Christ follower, wife, mother, homemaker, and homeschooler. Everything I write is based on this important passage of scripture.” embracinghim.com

6.  Raising Arrows – by Amy Roberts

Amy is a Christian wife, and homeschooling mother of 8.  She blogs about raising a large family in a Christian home, homeschooling, parenting a large family and Christian frugal living. You can learn more about Amy and her Christian mom blog Raising Arrows at raisingarrows.net.

7.  Smockity Frocks by Connie Hughes

Smockity Frocks

Connie is a Christian wife and  homeschooling mom of eight. 

“I started this blog to sell my handy dandy oilcloth aprons and it has turned into a journal of our family’s life. I have been known to carry on lengthy conversations with myself in my own head, so I figured, “Hey! Why not type all that stuff out and publish it on the world wide web?” And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since January 2007. I write here about everything from serving a risen Savior to serving mashed potatoes and gravy.” smockityfrocks.com

8. Mommy Inspiration by Giselle

Giselle is a Christian wife, and mother to one baby girl. She is a fairly new blogger and writes about Christianity, family and motherhood.  You can visit Giselle at mommyinspiration.com

9. Mama of Many Blessings by Nicole Walter

Mama of Many Blessings

Nicole is a Christian, wife and homeschooling mother of six.  She blogs about natural living, homeschooling, and her six blessings. For more information about Nicole and Mama of Many Blessings visit mamaofmanyblessings.com
10. God’s Growing Garden by Angie Ouellette-Tower 

Angie is a Christian blogger and avid gardener.  She shares cooking, canning and gardening tips and featured prayer warrior posts.  You can visit Angie at godsgrowinggarden.com.


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