10 Great Blogs for Blogging and Social Media Tips

Blogging is always changing. If you want to establish a good business with your blog it is very important that you stay on top of all the changes and read blogs that share tips and information on how to build a successful blog. Even after over six years of blogging I still take advice from the experts. Below are 10 great blogs for blogging and social media tips.

1. Social Media Examiner

Social media examiner is the largest online social media magazine.  If you want to build your blog’s following through social media you must read the Social Media Examiner every day.  For more information visit socialmediaexaminer.com.

2.  Blogging Tips by Cindy Buccieri

Cindy is a professional blogger who shares her tips with bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs to help them discover their passion through blogging.  To learn more about Cindy visit cindybuccieri.com.

3. A-Z Blogger Tips and Tricks 

This young blogger shares his advice and tips for creating and maintaining a successful blog through the blogger platform.  I have used several of his tips in the past. For more information visit azbloggertricks.blogspot.com.

4. Blogger Chili 

Blogger Chili shares tutorials on how to maintain your blog’s template and different coding you can use to customize your blog, and search engine optimization tips. You can visit Blogger Chili at bloggerchili.blogspot.com.

5.  Fabulous Blogging by Julie Deneen

“Are you a blogger? A small business? Someone with something to say? My name is Julie and I am the owner, founder, and blogger behind Fabulous Blogging. This isn’t your typical web design website because, well– I’m a writer. I just happen to be a tech geek too. I love to write. And I love to educate. It might be most accurate to say I am a website/blog teacher. I am not your typical “design and take over” your life business. My ideal client is one who wants to learn how to do things themselves. That old adage – “Teach a man to fish…” That’s what separates me from every other guru out there. I teach first, design second. If you want to have the skills and tools to manage your website or blog, I’m the gal for you.” fabulousblogging.com

6. Blogging Bistro by Laura Christianson

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Laura is a professional social media and internet marketing consultant.  On her blog she shares her tips and strategies to help anyone build a successful business or website through social media and online marketing. For more information about Laura visit bloggingbistro.com.

7. Supersize Blogging by Fin

“Greetings, would you like more traffic, links, subscribers, and a profit-generating website? Supersize Blogging gives you the solutions you need to succeed. Hi, my name is Fin, and between your team and mine, we all build REMARKABLE content for your business.” supersizeblogging.com

8.  Mom Blogger PLR by Courtney and Betina

These two ladies share their tips on how to be a successful mom blogger.  “As Mompreneurs ourselves, we recognize time management as a daily challenge. Mom Blogger PLR is a tool you can use to better your blogging, by giving you more time to develop your content, market it, run your business, and make dinner.” You can visit Courtney and Betina at mombloggerplr.com.

9.  Blog World / New Media Expo Blog

This is the official blog for the largest blogging and social media conference in the world.  Their blog features the top experts in blogging and social media today. Bloggers can read the latest in media industry news and information.  The Blog World site  offers “a diverse array of content – covering social media for business, blog, podcast and video content creation, distribution, and monetization, the latest social networking tool, tech and trends –– and also covering topics in all vertical niche areas of blogging (tech, business, parenting, sports, real estate, military, politics, etc).” This is a must read for all bloggers.  Visit Blog World at blogworld.com.

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10. Social Media Today

“Social Media Today LLC presents the Web’s best thinkers on business and public policy. We launched our company in 2007 with the goal of connecting leading experts across a variety of business conversations. As traditional media went digital, and the Internet went social, we realized the huge potential for social media platforms to facilitate direct communication among customers, their employees, and experts from academia, corporations and government. Six years later, we’ve proven that editorially independent, online communities are the cornerstone of B2B social media. The Social Media Today network hosts analysis and debate on the following topics: SocialMediaToday.com: Social media and Web 2.0 TheEnergyCollective.com: Energy policy and climate change SustainableCitiesCollective.com: Urban planning, design and sustainability SmartDataCollective.com: Business intelligence and data analytics HealthworksCollective.com: Healthcare policy and technology” socialmediatoday.com.


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