10 Top Creative Mom Blogs

I am not that creative.  I can play the flute, write and can crochet a scarf, but that is the extent of my creativity.  Doing a simple craft or art project with your kids is a lot of fun and creates wonderful memories and keepsakes for your children.  These moms are creative, crafty and full of fun ideas for projects you can do by yourself or with your kids. Below is my list of  10 top creative mom blogs.

1. Fun at Home With Kids by Asia

Asia is a former classroom teacher who currently stays home with her two kids.  She blogs about activities that you can do with children of all ages and fun educational art projects. For more information about Asia visit funwithkids.com.

2. Experimenting Mom by Mansi Shankar

Mansi is a blogger and mother of a two small children.  She believes that  kids learn best by experimenting. She blogs about fun and creative activities that you can do with kids 0-5 years old. You can visit Mansi at experimenting-mom.blogspot.com.

3. Creative Hands Creative Minds by Jeannie Sophia

Jeannie is homeschooling mom of 3 who loves art, crafts, history and all things creative. She shares her favorite art projects that she has done with her kids and other kids in her homeschooling community. For more information about Jeannie visit creativehandscreativeminds.com.

4. Tiny Rotten Peanuts by Jeanette Nyberg

Jeanette is a blogger and mother living in the Chicago suburbs.

“I realized how much I had learned to love writing and sharing bits of myself and crafting posts that were really about life in general. So here’s what you’ll find as you flip the pages of this blog: Daily Life: This will most likely be the majority of my posts where I spew a whole bunch of crap at you. I shall delight and astound you with the stories of everyday life. Art and Craft: I shied away from sharing art and craft projects previously, because I was nervous about losing readers who would be turned off by art and craft projects. But here’s the thing: shitwallops on that notion. Art and craft it up is what I like to say. Design: Oh, sweet lord. Good design makes me as happy as Jesse Pinkman when he was running away from his captors in the last episode of Breaking Bad. OMG *SPOILER ALERT* Recipes: Only sometimes. I’m no food blogger, and really I mostly hate to cook, but sometimes when the mood strikes I like to take pretty pictures and share the recipe.” tinyrottenpeanuts.com

5.  How Wee Learn by Sarah

Sarah is a former teacher, blogger and stay at home mom of three.  She blogs about creative learning activities that you can do with your kids. You can visit Sarah at howweelearn.com.

6. Dear Creatives by Theresa Huse

Theresa is an artist, crafter and mom living in central California. She blogs about photography, crafts and inspired living. For more information about Theresa and Dear Creatives visit dearcreatives.com.

7.  No Biggie by Kami Bigler

Kami is a blogger and mother who loves tabletop photography, paper crafts, decorating and experiencing the thrill of the thrift find.You can visit Kami at nobiggie.net.

8. White House Black Shutters by Ann Marie

Ann Marie is a blogger and mother of four. She shares her home decorating and do it yourself tips on her blog, White House Black Shutters. For more information about Ann Marie visit whitehouseblackshutters.com.

9. Tinker Lab

Tinker Lab is an art education blog. This blog has tons of fun educational activities for teachers and parents. Visit Tinker Lab at tinkerlab.com.

10. 30 Minute Crafts by Carolina Moore

Carolina is a busy mom, blogger and crafter.  She loves crafting but doesn’t always have time for it. Her blog, 30 minute crafts is all about creating something without the time commitment.   For more information about Carolina and 30 Minute Crafts visit 30minutecrafts.com.

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