10 Top Funny Mom Blogs

Parenting is a lot of work and can be stressful at times.  As a mother of five very unique and special kids I have learned that the best way to handle the hard times in motherhood is to look for the humor such as looking at hilarious memes memes.  My kids say and do things that make me laugh every single day.  You can follow my crazy, busy, and funny life on my personal blog, Talbert Zoo.

Laughter has many health benefits. It helps ease stress, lifts depression and burns calories.  I have searched far and wide for the funniest mom blogs and came up with this list of 10 top funny mom blogs.

1. Somewhat Sane Mom by Katie

Katie is a mother of three very different girls.  She is impulsive, petrified of tornadoes, likes wine and beer and  loves to make people laugh.  You can learn more about Katie by visiting somewhatsanemom.blogspot.com.

2. Mommy’s Weird by Kyla

Kyla is a former radio DJ and mother of two who blogs about parenting and humor. You can visit Kyla at mommysweird.com.

3. Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine by Dani Ryan

“When I left my corporate marketing job to become a SAHM, I was grossly unprepared for how difficult it would be.
The sleep deprivation, the loneliness, my inability to cook a meal without burning something, my daughter’s intense dislike for crafts…
But rather than wallowing in self-pity, I decided to create a place where I can share funny stories, crafts we’ll never do, and recipes I’ll never make, with a few parenting and beauty tips and tricks thrown in for good measure. I keeps me from opening the wine at 9 am. cloudywithachanceofwine.com

4.  Do Your Job Blog by Jesse Cruz


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Jesse is a mother of 2 who blogs about parenting and humor.  “I adore you Jesse!!!!! You make me laugh out loud all the time and I think your insight is keen and often crucial. Thanks for your wisdom and wit!” comment from a reader at doyourjobblog.com.

5. Mommy Tries by Jennifer Carsen

Jennifer Carsen is a mother and recovering lawyer who writes about the funnier aspects of parenting and family life.  You can visit Jennifer at mommytries.com.

6. Rants from Mommyland by (Kate and Lydia) Julianna W. Miner and Claire Goss

They blog about the humor they find in motherhood.  Kate and Lydia have also been featured on the Huffington Post, and Babble.  For more information visit them at rantsfrommommyland.com.

7. Full of It by Gina Jacobs


“Gina Jacobs Thomas holds the titles of wife, mom, former professional modern dancer, blogger, butt-wiper, paper-airplane maker, princess costumer, snack connoisseur, pillow fort architect, and house D.J. While you’d never know it from her neurotic ramblings, she’s on a quest to become a more peaceful mom and person. You may also find some ruminations as she struggles with the identity crisis that comes from suddenly being without a career as a dancer. Lately, she’s been trying to come up with a good hobby or career change, one that doesn’t involve poop, sweat, or runny noses, and is open to suggestions. This blog reads a bit like her life as of late: all over the map. She writes about topics from motherhood to mid-career crisis and bizarre things in between.” totallyfullofit.com

8.  Mommy For Real by Stephanie Sprenger

Stephanie is a tired but happy mother of two girls from Colorado.  She considers herself a warrior for “Mommy Rights.” And believes that every mom deserves guilt-free time to herself.  Stephanie blogs about the highs and lows as she navigates the great identity crises  of motherhood. For more information about Mommy For Real visit stephaniesprenger.com.

9.  Hollow Tree Ventures by Robyn Welling

“Years ago, my husband and I used to leave each other love notes in our Hollow Tree. Now we’re happily married, with five kids; this blog is where I share the usually ridiculous, often sarcastic, sometimes aggravating, and occasionally even touching tales of our ventures into parenthood.” hollowtreeventures.com. 

10.  The Meat and Potatoes of Life by Lisa Smith Molinari 

Lisa is a military wife and mother.  Her humor column, “The Meat and Potatoes of Life,” appears weekly in military and civilian newspapers across the United States.  She finds humor in life and managing her family. You can visit Lisa at themeatandpotatoesoflife.com.

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