The Calorie Assassin: Housework!

Finding the right balance of work, study, recreation and exercise can be a daunting task and one that many of us face almost every day. Well, there is now a solution: housework! A few simple chores a day has the ability to achieve the figure that you want and works especially great for those of you that simply don’t have the time to venture to the gym. Cleaning up around the house will kill two birds with one stone: not only are you getting into shape but your making your home a tidier and cleaner place to live.

The average homeowner spends more than 16 hours a week cleaning which is more than two hours a day! You will never have to feel guilty about missing a gym session again as research suggests that you burn just as many calories by doing the simplest day-to-day cleaning jobs; not to forget that it cheap and efficient. Still a little dubious? See for yourself in this useful infographic below.

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And there you have it, there is an array of household cleaning and D.I.Y activities that you can do to ensure that you lose weight and stay healthy. Specific domestic workouts can, just like the gym, work different areas of the body. For example digging, weeding, scrubbing and raking will all help to tone and strengthen your arms. Whereas, climbing the stairs will work your legs and torso. Even hoovering for an hour will burn 193 calories!

According to one survey many of us actually enjoy cleaning our homes. It makes us feel as though we are in control and more than 40% of us consider ourselves to be addicted to cleaning. The garden is also a great place to get on-top of your D.I.Y whilst shedding those calories. Just remember to crank up the volume of your favorite tune to keep you motivated!

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So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, your household excuses are no more. Dust away those old cobwebs and spring clean your image. Ditch the gym membership and invest in cleanliness of mind, body and house!

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