Fitness Friday #BlogHop #LinkUp – When You Stumble Pick Yourself Up

Last week was rough for me. We were busy with the end of the school year and the news that we are definitely moving to Chicago in August.  I was stressed and skipped my supplements and workoutsI failed myself. We all come across stumbling blocks on our journey of healthy living.  Even influential health advocates like myself.  But, if being healthy is important enough we will pick ourselves up and start over.  This is what I did and I feel so much better now.

Cascia Talbert

I organized all my supplements for the week, took them after breakfast, and made sure I also took the extra two CLA soft gels with my lunch or dinner.  My workouts increased from zero to five days.  I cut back on my carbs and ate a salad for lunch every day. Once again I made “me-time” a priority. I feel so much better.

Cutting back on the carbs and increasing my lean protein has left me less bloated and I can tell my tummy is getting flatter again. My energy has increased and I’ve been sleeping better.  Working out regularly and taking supplements every day helped reduce my stress and sleep sounder. 

If you have ever been in a similar situation, with determination and willpower you can pick yourself up get back on the right road.

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