Learn about the Air Optix Lenses

These contact lenses offer a distinct, breathable, permanent, ultra-smooth surface technology that provides protective layer of moisture and curbs the chances related to deposits. These are high performance silicone gel based lenses used for vision correction. Moreover these lenses are revered in the markets of the world for their consistent performance and comfort for up to thirty days. The moisture layer around the lens prevents it from getting dry and uncomfortable for the wearer. These lenses are created from an advanced material which allows five times more oxygen absorption than the traditional ones. This oxygen is vital for the health of cornea, which is distinguishable as the doom shaped part of the eye. If the level of the oxygen reduces it can cause complications like;
  1. Corneal swelling
  2. Irritated eyes
  3. Red eyes etc.
This is the reason the AirOptix lenses have been created keeping in mind the breath ability. However, it must be noted that these lenses must be prescribed and fitted by an eye care professional. These lenses should not be worn by those who might be suffering from any of the below listed symptoms, which may include but are not limited to;
  1. Eye infection
  2. Eye inflammation (redness and/or swelling)
  3. Eye disease
  4. Eye injury
  5. Eye dryness
  6. Systemic disease that may be affected by or impact lens wear
  7. Certain allergic conditions
  8. Using certain medications (like any some eye medications
In order to benefit the most from these lenses it should be ensured that they are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Also the individuals who wear the same must make sure to follow the care and replacement regimes as described by their eye care professionals. It must be kept in mind that even if the individuals are opting to wear the daily wear lenses for cosmetic reasons they should make sure to get a prescription against it as these lenses are categorized as medical devices and require the supervision of an expert. In case of ignorance in cleaning or other steps involved side effects like;
  1. Discomfort
  2. Mild burning
  3. Stinging
Can occur in these individuals. These lenses offer countless multiple benefits for the individuals who opt for it. These include;
  1. Convenience for active lifestyle
  2. Fog resistance
  3. Less chances of getting displaced
  4. Offer excellent peripheral vision for driving and other activities
  5. Offer stable distance correction and clarity
  6. Do not alter the look of the person (unless colored ones are opted for)
  7. Allows the wearer to flaunt various styles of sunglasses
and much more.
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