5 Items You Will Not Find in My Kitchen

If I were to walk into your house and get real “Jillian Michaels” on you, what would I find in your kitchen?  How many packages of Oreos would you have hidden in your pantry that nobody knows about?  There’s so many food items that are in the modern household nowadays that have no business being there.  Even worse, is that many of these items are fed to our children!  Processed meats, sugars, and possible disease causing items can all be found in the present day refrigerator.  I want to discuss 5 of these items that you will NOT find in my kitchen no matter how deep you are digging…
Now, before I get ridiculed by some for listing the items I am about to name, I want to say that this does not mean I will not consume these products.  I’m simply saying that I do not keep them in my house.  If I’m at a restaurant or I eat a lunch not brought from home, then yes, there is a possibility I will eat them.  But, when you keep certain items in the house, obviously there is more of a likelihood that you will eat them.  A good example for me would be beer!  The more I bring it in the house, the more I seem to drink it… funny how that works isn’t it?   

The first item not found in my kitchen that I would like to talk about is SALT.  Right now you’re saying what… how is that possible?!  Honestly, I really don’t see the need for it when I’m cooking.  Salt is found in a huge abundance across the country.  From vegetable stock to sweet treats, sodium shows its ugly face.  As you may know, it’s a major factor in heart disease and weight gain.  Highly processed foods and canned goods contain large amounts of sodium.  Learning how to remove these from your diet can be very beneficial to you and your family in the long run.

The second item on my list is BUTTER. What?!  Have I lost you yet?  It’s in your potatoes, it’s on your vegetables, and it could be on your roll for breakfast.  That’s because we all grew up on butter, right?  Well, I grew up on Ninja Turtles and Happy Meals and I must say, some things you out grow!  “Some” is the key word… But butter is a very common item in most households.  I choose not to keep it in the house because I don’t have a use for it.  Maybe it’s because my girlfriend and I don’t bake much so it wouldn’t be used.  Or, it’s because I eat a partial plant based diet which excludes it.  Also, butter is packed with cholesterol and SALT.  It’s also been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  The jury is still out on its “health benefits” as of now, but, I know how I FEEL after I eat a meal heavy in butter and it’s not great.  I’ll use that as my scientific evidence…
Moving on… another item that we all grew up on is MILK.  Now, this item can get a little tricky for many reasons.  Milk contains some of the best building blocks for growing children and can also be an excellent source of protein for vegetarians.  It’s even marketed as a great “recovery drink” for runners, cyclists, and the like.  About 2 years ago, we slowed down our milk consumption and discovered alternatives such as almond and coconut milk.  We went from purchasing a gallon on a regular basis, to a half, then a quarter, until we noticed that it would spoil before being finished.  At that point, we decided to cut it out and haven’t missed it.  Aren’t prices rising drastically now?
SUGAR is one of the top obesity and diabetes causing substances in this country.  It’s hidden inside so many foods that the list is almost impossible to gather.  For that reason, we do not keep sugar in the kitchen.  But, I want to group juice / soda into this category as well being that both are packed with sugar.  I said goodbye to soda a long time ago (oh how I miss you Jack & Coke) and juice we found not necessary.  In general, a package of sugar wouldn’t find its way into my diet so therefore we do not purchase it.  There are many more natural sweeteners that can be used in its place depending on the type of recipe and food.  For example, honey in tea, dates in smoothies, and dark chocolate for baking. 
The final item that I choose not to keep in my kitchen is BEEF.  As mentioned earlier, I’ve adapted a partial plant based diet over the last few years so my meat consumption has decreased overall.  I do occasionally keep poultry, pork, and fish in the house.  But, red meat has never really been a great pleasure of mine regardless of the health effects (good or bad) that are associated with it.  To me, a steak is a steak… the main difference is how much BUTTER and SALT you can cook it with to make it taste fantastic.  Studies have shown that red meat is linked to heart disease amongst other health issues, including digestion problems and cancer. 
As an adult now, I feel that removing these 5 items from my childhood wouldn’t have negatively affected me.   I could have grown up healthy without them and had easy replacements.  I understand that milk may play a large part in the development of a child, but do you honestly see the other 4 benefiting them in any way?  Last time I checked, giving a 10 year old soda didn’t benefit anybody.  Unless of course you’re a grandparent and you can send the ball of energy back to the rightful owner… The simplest way to keep tabs on what is being consumed is to monitor what is inside the home.  By keeping food items in your house that are nutritious and beneficial to your body, you can be sure you are doing your part in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle for you and your family. 

Joe Granat is a frequent blogger who focuses on health, nutrition, and living an active lifestyle.  His kitchen is always stocked with fruits, vegetables, and good beer.  Follow along with his antics at www.HealthLush.com and Twitter @HealthLush. 

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