Itchy Lips: What Is Reason Of Itchy Lips And Treatments For It?

What actually itchy lips?
Itchy lips are actually a very common occurrence and can happen to anybody be it a child or an adult. Its name is pretty descriptive, itchy lips are when a person has red, swollen, chapped and inflamed lips that feel itchy. When this happens there is no need to panic and the remedies are pretty easy.

Causes of itchy lips

Itchy lips can happen for different reasons such as:

1. Allergies,
    Hives or angioedema occur when a person has an allergic to reaction to certain food or chemicals. This is a very common occurrence and may arise out of allergic reactions to seafood, peanuts, chicken, eggs or any sort of allergic reaction for that matter. These kinds of reaction occur after 2 to 4 hours of consumption of whatever it is you are allergic to.

2. Reactions,
    This has probably happened to any woman who adores lipstick or any lip product. Sometimes when a lipstick, lip liner or gloss has a chemical which a person is allergic to, it may result to chapped and itchy lips. The best remedy in these cases is to stop using such products immediately.

3. Sun poisoning,
When a person is exposed to the sun all the time, as is the case with athletes or outdoorsy people, your lips may become chapped or itchy from such exposure to UVA and UVB rays. This is however more common in cases related to the lower lip. As long as you secure for yourself a lip balm with SPF protection then you are good to go, just remember to reapply ever so often.

4. Vitamin deficiency,
A deficiency in Vitamin B12 can make a person vulnerable to Celitis which is characterized by red and itchy lips. On the flip side too much of certain vitamins such as Vitamin A toxicity can cause cracking and itchy lips.

5. Cancer
In certain cases itching and bleeding of the lips can be telling of a more serious condition such as Oral Cancer. However in order to be linked to cancer itching has to be accompanied by soreness and bleeding.

Symptom and Signs of itchy lips

If your lips are scaly, red, swollen, cracked, chapped, dry and have hive son them then you have a case of itchy lips my friend. However as has been previously mentioned this is a very common occurrence which can be remedied quickly.

Treatments for itchy lips

  • Speaking of remedies the treatment will depend on the cause for your itchy lips so it is advised that you first figure out such cause and it is only then that you move on to healing your itchy lips. For example:
  • In case of allergic reactions, stop the consumption of the food you are allergic to. If this does not make the itchy feeling go down then it is advised that you take an antihistamine or any anti allergy medication.
  • If there is a deficiency of any vitamin, then vitamin supplements should be taken, even better if you can eat food rich in such vitamin.
  • If the itchy lips arose out of use of any cosmetic product then it is best to stop using such product before serious damage is inflicted upon your lips.
  • In case of sun poisoning, invest in a lip that not only moisturizes but also one that has SPF in it, preferably one that can protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.
  • If none of these remedies are working and it seems like your lips are just getting worse then it is best to just consult with a doctor just in case it is telling of a more serious disease.

If you get the feeling of itchy lips don’t fret. The first step is to figure out why this is so, in other words figuring out the cause. Have you eaten any food you have been allergic to lately? Too much exposure from the sun? Maybe you bought a new lipstick and tried it on? Once you have answered that question it is only the that you can figure out what to do next or what remedy or medicine you need to heal your lips.

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