Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Treats

Traditionally, on Halloween kids dress up in fun or scary costumes and knock on neighbors’ doors greeting them with, “Trick or treat!”  If no treat is given kids could do something naughty on the neighbor’s property.  Over the years the ever popular Halloween treats have grown and the candy industry in the US rakes in billions of dollars each year.

Healthy Halloween

Candy and sugar not only is bad for your child‘s teeth, but too much of it can lead to diabetes, obesity and behavior problems.  Here at the Healthy Moms Magazine we want your children to have a safe and healthy Halloween this year.  So, we have come up with a few healthy alternatives to the traditional sugary Halloween treats.

1.  Halloween Goodie Bags instead of Candy

You don’t have to greet Trick or Treaters with candy pass out goodie bags instead.  You can find cheap Halloween themed toys at your local dollar store or discount store.  Some of our favorites are stickers, pencils and play jewelry.  Break open the packages and place one or two of each item in ziplock bags or party favor bags.

2. Limit the number of houses your kids visit.

Even if you live in what looks like a nice middle class neighborhood with hundreds of modern homes do you really know that many neighbors?  It might not be that safe for your kids to visit every neighbor.  If you limit the number of homes your child visits on Halloween this will also limit the amount of candy your child gets.  Two or three pieces of sweets a day is more than enough sugar for your child.  If his candy lasts a week this will make Halloween special.

3. Instead of Trick or Treating take your child to a community party.

Most towns and organizations hold Halloween parties.  Many of these parties have costume contests, and fun games that your whole family can get involved in.  Most likely if your child goes to a party she will come home with a lot less candy than she would if she went trick or treating.

Halloween is a fun holiday and you can make it extra special for your child without the added sugar.  If you are planning on sending your kids out trick or treating this year make sure they are accompanied by and adult, and can be seen in the dark.  Have a happy, safe and healthy Halloween.

(Originally published on October 1, 2012, Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Treats)

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