Ten Great Stress Relievers

Stress and not being able to deal with it properly can lead to other health issues and have an impact on your family. Headaches, digestion problems and lack of sleep are just three health issues that can result if you are under a lot of stress. Children can sense when there is tension in the household. If they do they may act out at home, or at school.
Here are some great tips for dealing with stress and tension.

1. Find out what is triggering your stress and ignore it or stop thinking about it for a couple of hours.

2.  Go for a walk. If you have little ones, put them in the stroller and walk to a nearby park. Exercise, fresh air and getting out of the house helps relieve stress.

3. Turn off all distractions, television, computer, radio, etc. and sit or lay down with your eyes closed. Do this for 20 minutes or longer. You don’t have to fall asleep. Sometimes just resting your eyes helps relieve tension associated with stress.

4. Take some time out for yourself. Spend a half an hour reading or relaxing by yourself. Being alone can be a great distraction away from what is causing your stress.

5. Take a relaxing bath. I found that a bath with lavander and chamomile helps me relax and forget about my worries.

6. Pray or meditate. Meditation, yoga and prayer can help you relax and unwind. If you are worried about something pray about it.

7. Listen to some soft soothing music. Listening to soft music or nature sounds can take your mind off of what is stressing you out.

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8. Exercise. Exercising regularly not only helps deal with stress but it is also good for your health and well being. If you don’t belong to a gym you can do some simple exercises at home, with your children or purchase an inexpensive work out DVD.

9. Play with your children. Playing with your children can also get your mind off of what is causing your stress. If your kids are little play a game outside with them or play along with their favorite toys. If you have older children have a family game or movie night. Play their favorite board game or watch their favorite movie.

10. Take a breather. Do some deep breathing exercises for a few minutes. Oxygen will help you calm down and relax.

How do you deal with stress?

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