5 Habits to Strengthen Relationship with Your Kids

Working women have to master the art of multitasking if they want to be successful mothers. From taking care of kids to cooking food, grocery shopping, cleaning, and paying bills mothers have to be on their toes at all times because motherhood is a full-time job. 
With the never ending busy schedules keeping them engaged, many working mothers hardly get enough time to engage in the little activities of their kids. In this endless conflict mothers are often forced to choose between professional and personal life, which in no ways is a happy option, as kids may feel left-out. So, it’s the responsibility of their moms to make the most out of their vacation days and spend some quality time with their children. From playing with them to tucking them in at night every mom can do many activities to make their kids the center of their attention.

So all the working moms out there, here are some tips for you to take care of kids in a better manner:
·         Play with them:

Whether it is a babysitter or a relative, no one can substitute the love and affection of a mother. Even fathers struggle to create the kind of special bond that a mother shares with her child. Children are wired to be close to their mothers. Every mother cherishes the special time they spend with their kids. No matter how busy you are with your job and other responsibilities, let your children know you are always available for them. Get involved in a craft project together or play outdoor games with them. Playing with kids builds a bond that will last forever. 
·         Cook with them:

Kids love to help out their parents. Cooking with your children teaches them about how to create healthy eating habits. Whenever you are at home involve your kids in food preparation. This will not only make your kids happy, but a little responsible as they get to know more about kitchen activities. Innovate something new in their food, and try to offer some variety.
Ask them to eat something healthy; teaching them to eat nutritious food at an early stage will develop good eating habits. Get your kids to help you in the kitchen and they will be more likely to want to try what you prepare together.
·         Stay calm

Bringing up a kid can be really stressful. Taking out your frustration on the kids and vice-versa will not help at all. You need to be little more patient and practical when it comes to handling children. Kids are always curious. We often over-react on certain issues, resulting in the kids feeling angry and so it’s really difficult for the parents to handle such situations deftly. Though teaching them to stay calm can really help.
Recognizing when you are becoming stressed allows you to seek help to tackle issues that are worrying you. Try to understand their problem and keep this thing in mind that as a parent you are their idol, they will try to imitate you in near future. If at any moment, they are indulging in any notorious activity, try to divert their mind. Even when going out with them for shopping or outing, consider their opinion on various matters as this will make them feel responsible.
·         Keep in touch

Communicate with them on a daily basis. Share your daily schedule with them and ask them to do the same with you. Be a patient listener when it comes to toddlers. Being a working mom, you may find that time is at a premium. So whenever you get any free time, make it a point to talk to your kid and try to get intimate with them. Through this you will be able to maintain a strong relation with your child, and also be able to learn about their interest, choices, and activities of interest, etc.

Initiate conversations by sharing what you have been thinking about rather than beginning a conversation with a question. Ask them about their studies, personal issues, etc., to make them feel that parents are interested in all the aspects of a kid’s life.
By implementing these tips mentioned above, you can strengthen the relationship with your kids. Start practicing these unique activities today, so that you can share a brighter future with them. 
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