5 Ways to Make Halloween Safe and Fun for Your Kids

Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is just a few weeks away.  Every year all across the United States children dress up in costumes and visit neighbor’s with the words, “Trick or Treat!”   You may not personally know every neighbor near you, and strangers can not be trusted.  If you are concerned about your child‘s safety, below are some tips on how to make Halloween safe and fun for your little goblin.

1. Dress him in a bright colored costume or use glow sticks.  During Trick or Treating hours it is usually dark outside and small children are difficult to see at night.  In order to be more visible you can dress your child in a white or bright colored costume.  If he insists on being Bat Man or a black ninja, tying a glow stick loosely around his neck or donning him with a glow necklace or bracelet will help you and others see him better.

2. Only visit neighbors that you know.  Visiting people you know will help you feel confident that the treat is going to be safe.  Also, if you limit the visits your child will not get overwhelmed with too much sugary foods that are not healthy for him.

3. Attend a community Halloween party instead of Trick or Treating.  Community Halloween parties are usually free to attend and can be a fun and unique experience for your child. Games, a costume contest and bobbing for apples are popular activities at these parties.

4. Sort through your child’s candy before you let him eat it.  This practice started decades ago when strangers were placing inappropriate objects in candy during Halloween.  It isn’t as common anymore to find razor blades or poisoned candy, but you never know.  Don’t let your child eat any candy that appears to be tampered with. If the wrapper looks like it was taken off and placed back on throw it away.

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5. Walk to every single door with your child.  Most parents usually just watch at the street but your child will be much safer if you walk up to the door with him.

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