5 Items You NEED to Stay Cozy on Your Cold Weather Run

Cold weather is finally upon us.  Unfortunately, some may think that outside exercise time has come and gone.  But that is just the opposite.  Fall is the best time to run everrrr.  Now that the shorts and tank tops are stuffed in the back of your closet, I assume you bring out the long sleeve tech shirts and maybe a pair of capri length tights.  Keeping warm during your run is vital if you plan on playing in the snow.  Yup, you read that correctly.  I love running in the snow!!

I want to make sure that you keep your toes and fingers safe while you get your exercise fix.  Here are five accessories that will allow you to get outside this season, and, still look good doing it!
1.  Gloves
These are a must for me when my season starts.  I suffer from circulation issues in my fingers as soon as the weather drops below 50 degrees.  I’ve tried double insulating and have even used hand warmers.  I found that a good pair of breathable wool gloves work great.  If you want to step it up a notch, look for wind proof gloves and you can thank me later.  Since our hands are always out in front, the wind tends to hit them harder.  Companies like Nike, Brooks, and The North Face all make active wear gloves that are still stylish.  Because nobody wants to run in full blown ski gloves.
2.  Wool Socks
There is a reason that SmartWool socks are on the shelves at every outdoor retail store.  Marino wool socks will retain heat and are still very breathable so you won’t have sweating issues while running.  They also wick moisture away naturally.  Pick up a few pairs to add to your collection of running clothes and keep your toes nice and toasty this season.  Go for the bright knee highs that scream, “That’s right, I’m still running in the cold weather!” 

3.  Head Gear

Despite the myth being debunked about heat loss through your head – it’s still a very important place to keep warm.  Haven’t you ever heard of brain freeze?!  Womp womp… Your ears are quite sensitive and wrapping a head band around your head can do wonders.  If you choose to go with a full beanie, try to keep it light and make sure it’s breathable.  Your hair will cause you to sweat a lot – making you cold and defeating the purpose.  Many companies sell running beanies and headbands that can easily match your outfit.  Mine have funny sayings on them like, “I run so I can drink.”  Which is true.    

4.  Base Layer

I have two words for you here – UNDER ARMOUR.  It turns out these shirts aren’t made just for massive football players.  My running closet is packed with this stuff and it’s never failed me.  It may be a bit pricey but if you want to stay warm on your morning runs, it’s worth every penny.  They are very durable and can be “dragged through the mud” without ripping or tearing.  They offer several options for top and bottom as far as all season, winter, and even summer gear.  I like my orange and neon green tops the most.  Of course, women have all the cool colors.      

5.  Proper Traction

For any trail runners out there, you know how important this is.  The terrain can be very tricky, especially if it’s wet or covered with snow.  Even pavement can be extremely slick due to weather conditions.  A proper pair of trail shoes with a rugged bottom is necessary.  For the extremist like myself, they even sell snow spikes.  Like I mentioned earlier, running in the snow is fun!  Check out your local running shop for a nice pair of trail running sneakers and you will never look back. 

Overall, exercising in the cold can still be fun when done properly and safely.  Be sure to pick up a few of these items on your next trip to the local running store.  Most importantly, get out there and enjoy yourself! 
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