9 Habits To Remember For A Healthy Home Workout

Working as a full-time mom is no joke. You have a lot of things going on and often forget to think about your own health.

Due to the stress of running and keeping things sane in the house, we might be forgetting to take care of ourselves. Our hectic schedule steals us our time and going to the gym isn’t really an option anymore. And as time goes on, we keep gaining those extra pounds without really noticing it.

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It’s never too late to get our groove back and get back in shape, good thing there are lots of workouts that can be done comfortably at home. Home workouts can give us ease and comfort but there are also perils such as losing motivation and being exposed to lots of temptations. Get the most out of your home workout by making use of these tips.

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Plan Your Routine
Is it your first time working out at home and don’t know what kind of workout fits best for you? Try looking online to find the best workout plan. The internet is filled with lots of wonderful things from blogs, healthy recipes, workout plans and routines, and inspirational reads to keep you motivated. Yoga, Pilates, Samba, ab workout, or a full-body workout can be great. Start by trying a little of each until you find one that suits you best.
Take Advantage of Walking
Walking is one of the best forms of workout. It has lots of proven health benefits such as regulating blood pressure, reduction in cholesterol, and lower risks of diabetes. Walking at least 15 minutes a day not only gives you health benefits but also gives added years to your life as well. Maximize walking as much as possible. Choose walking instead of using the car when you need to do chores especially if it’s only a few blocks away.

Make Everything an Opportunity to Get Fit
Doing house chores can be a great form of workout. It makes you sweat and makes your heart pump but how can you maximize a no-sweat task such as folding the laundry? Shape.com suggests doing house chores in a different form. Vacuuming while doing lunges for 20 minutes for example, allows you to do a quick cardio and tones up your buns and legs at the same time.
(Ch) eat Consciously
Eating sweets all day long is definitely acceptable as long as you’re willing to burn them. But working out is not always the answer. Balance and moderation is always the key. Eating healthier foods plus workout and lesser on the salty and sweet snacks can help you heaps in getting in shape.

If you can’t let go of snacking, try making alternatively great-tasting snacks with much healthier ingredients. If you can’t live without chocolate or chips (or both), allow yourself to have a cheat day once in a while. It’s actually good for you because you’re not depriving yourself and go binge eating afterwards.
Look At the Big Picture
It’s much fun and easier to lose weight if there are motivations. Set goals and/or motivations to keep you going. You can start to get active because you wanted to have a healthier heart and to avoid future health issues or it could be as simple as wanting to fit in your favorite dress 5 pounds lesser ago.
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Log Your Progress
Our smartphones are not just for Instagram and Twitter. There are actually lots of helpful apps such as calorie counters to track your daily food intake, weight tracker, daily exercise routines, progress tracker and a lot more. Logging your progress to your smartphone is easier and more mobile than keeping a chunky workout journal. Plus you are more likely to track your progress when it is easier to do so instead of jotting it down every time.

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Stay On Schedule
One of the most common downfalls of a failed workout plan is not being able to keep up with the schedule. Especially that you’re doing your workout at home, procrastinating can be easy. Setting an alarm, laying out your workout clothes the night before or buying nice and new workout equipments can give you a reason to workout more. Letting your family and close friends know about your healthy intentions can also help you get motivated when all of your willpower runs out.
Know Your Limits
Working hard and staying on schedule sure is great but don’t forget to slip in rest days in between workout days. It can be twice or thrice a week depending on how often you exercise. Overtraining can lead to fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure, chronic soreness, disturbed sleeping patterns, and so on. It’s much easier to reach our goals when we mix things up a bit. Put a variety on your training to keep things fresh and exciting when it’s go time.
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Grab A Partner
Getting your husband, friends or co-moms to jump on board can give you more reason to get fit. Having a training partner makes getting fit more fun and enjoyable plus, you’ll have no reason to say no to a workout day.
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Celebrate – Even the Little Things
Losing 2 pounds in a week or finishing a week of workout with lesser junk food is definitely worth celebrating. It gives you more reason to work out and creates new challenges to look forward to. Getting healthy should not be taken for granted nor should feel like a chore. Doing something is definitely better than doing nothing. Bear in mind that results always comes after effort and we should always find ways to blend fitness with fun, new, and healthy ways to keep us going.

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