After the Turkey, Pie, Candy and Sweets How are YOU Going to Feel?

The holidays are fast approaching and along with holidays comes fattening high calorie foods. Go ahead and indulge! Thanksgiving and Christmas only happen once a year.

How does eating all of that delicious food make you feel afterward? After the holidays you may feel bloated, tired and notice that you have gained some weight. Most Americans gain about a pound to five pounds during the holidays. New Year’s resolutions to work out more and eat better are extremely popular due to these statistics.

Do you want to wait until after the Holidays to get fit and healthy or do you want to start now? Getting a head start on health and fitness before the treats will help you feel better and have more energy when the big days hit.

Here are some tips to help you lose the extra weight from the Holidays.

1. Take smaller portions.

It is okay to eat empty calorie sweets during your Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations. Just make sure you are taking smaller portions. Don’t reach for that second or third cookie. Ask for a smaller piece of pie after your Thanksgiving feast. Sugary high-calorie deserts are what I call, “every once in a while foods.” You are allowed to indulge a little during the holiday season.

2. Don’t skip your workouts.

Christmas and Thanksgiving take up a lot of our time.  Don’t let your busy to-do list get in the way of your workout time.  Make sure you set aside at least 20 minutes 3 days a week to go for a walk, jog, bike ride or work out inside your home.  When you are Christmas shopping park your car further back in the parking lot. This will force you to take the extra steps to the entrance of the mall or store.

3. Chose lower calorie beverages at your Holiday parties.

Though tempting, most holiday cocktails contain more calories than a glass of wine.  If you are at a bar or restaurant ask the waitress if they have skinny cocktails.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are exciting holidays. Most Americans gain an extra few pounds during this time of year.  If you follow my above tips you will see those pounds disappear shortly after New Year’s.

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