The Connection Between Health, Well-being and Financial Security #knowyourbenefits #ad

Open enrollment for health insurance benefits has begun. When choosing a health plan consumers must take more time to review the many different options first. Based on the results of an online survey conducted by Cigna, Americans are finding that the rising cost of health care is making a negative impact on their financial planing for the future.

The survey also found that consumers believe that health and wellness takes up every aspect of their lives, from emotional, physical and financial. Many are trying to take steps to manage costs while taking care of their health. Although, they would prefer to get more help from their health plans to manage health care finances and motivate them to become healthier and stay well.

The Cigna survey, “Healthand Financial Well-being : How Strong is the Link?” asked 1,847 insured women and men from across the nation who have health care coverage with many different carriers about their personal health care and financial security.

“The insights gained from our survey show how strong the link is between health and financial security, and reinforces our role in understanding customers’ needs and working with them to lead healthier, more secure lives,” said Dr. Scott Josephs, Cigna national medical officer. “Years ago, we heard customers say they wanted to protect their health so they could see a child graduate from college or get married. Today, consumers seem to be saying they also want to protect their financial security so they can pay for that child’s college education or wedding.”

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If you are concerned about the rising costs of health care, the fall benefits enrollment season is the best time to evaluate your health and finances. For more information about Cigna and the survey please visit their onlineresources.

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