10 Most Popular Posts in 2014

The Healthy Moms Magazine has grown tremendously since the beginning over 7 years ago. In 2014 this website reached several milestones including reaching over 30K subscribers and social media followers, 670K unique visitors and 740K page views in just one year.  I am excited about what is in store for 2015. I am also humbled by the success of The Healthy Moms Magazine and would like to share with my readers the top 10 posts from 2014.

1. When It Comes to the Brain, Age Does Matter

If your keys keep playing hide-and-seek and you can’t recall the name of your daughter’s latest BFF, what should you do? Occasional memory blips are “extremely normal”, especially for busy moms, according to Barry Gordon, M.D., PhD, professor of neurology and cognitive science at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and author of Intelligent Memory. “Your memory’s probably not as bad as you think it is,” he says, and too much self-monitoring might only make it worse.

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2. Six Everyday Uses for Your Mateless Socks

It happens all the time. Socks go in the wash together and come out alone. Sometimes they reunite with their mates, and sometimes they are destined for a single life—that may sound bleak, but the truth is they can be quite useful on their own around the house. Here are six ways you can use those clean but mateless socks to enhance your everyday life. Read More

3. Try These Foods That Reduce Stress

A rough day at work, a houseful of chores and bickering kids can leave you feeling frazzled. You’re tempted to reach for the pretzels or chocolate, but you know it’s not good to reach for something to eat when you’re totally stressed out, right? Not always! Nutrition experts say that certain foods can actually help us stay calm. Here are some of their stress-combating suggestions:
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4. The Top 10 Funniest Fitness Memes

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5. Ab Workouts to Get Rid of Your Mommy Belly

Approximately 30% of women who have given birth experience a separation of the abdominal muscles called diastasis recti. During pregnancy the two right and left sides of the rectus abdominis-the “six-pack” muscle-spreads apart at the body’s midline, the linea alba. Normally this condition corrects itself after the baby is born but for some women this mommy belly stays with them for years after giving birth.
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6. Belly After Baby: How to Get Rid of Your Mummy Tummy

If you’re a new mom, no doubt you’re wondering when and how (or if!) your belly will be flat again.

Is it crunch time?

No! It turns out that crunches can be harmful to both your belly and your back.

To understand why, here’s an overview of how abdominals work: Read More

7. Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Here at The Healthy Moms Magazine we want you to look good in that bikini or swim suit this summer. Diet and exercise alone may not work for everyone trying to lose weight. Sometimes we need an extra push or help to reach our weight loss goals. We have researched the top weight loss supplements on the market today and put together a list of ten of the best weight loss supplements for women. Read More

8. 4 Things Kids Tell Their Parents That Should Never Be Ignored

Children should always be properly communicating with their parents. It’s basic, primal even for a child to go to their parents whenever there’s something he needs or wants. However, parents don’t always understand what it is that their children are trying to say, especially the younger ones. We have come up with a list of things children say to their parents every day that you as a parent might not notice. 
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9. Your Best 20-Minute Workout

Ready to get in shape but not sure you’ve got the time? Between long workdays, packed weekends and family obligations, it can seem impossible to fit in an hour of exercise several times a week. Fortunately, there are a variety of routines you can add to your schedule that will help you get (or stay!) in shape in just 20 minutes. Bonus: You can do them anywhere. Read More

10. 6 Instant Ways to Stress Less and Smile More

You can’t completely eliminate stress from your life, but you can learn to deal with it in a healthy way. And since stress is associated with all sorts of negative health effects like high blood pressure and a weakened immune system, taking a few minutes a day to fight stress keeps you not only happy and smiling, but healthy too.

“Daily hassles and annoyances can get to anyone, but small changes make a big difference,” explains Judy Saltzberg, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and teaches at the University of Pennsylvania’s Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program. Here’s how to keep smiling: Read More

We would like to thank all of our loyal readers and followers for reading and sharing our content.  We  will strive to continue to maintain our reputation as, “The Number One Health Blog for Moms,” in 2015.

The Healthy Moms Magazine provides a variety of educational information for moms on topics ranging from parenting, to pregnancy, nutrition, health, health news and opinion, beauty, furgal living, fashion and Christian Faith. Our weekly features include the top 10 list on Mondays and Wordless Wednesday on Wednesdays.

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What kind of content would you like to read here in 2015? Which posts are your favorites? We welcome your comments and suggestions to make this site better.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

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