7 Awe-mazing Things You Can Do With Your Kids This Weekend

At some point, all parents feel that their children are growing up too fast. With so many new things to get children’s attention these days, not to mention all the accessible technology they’re getting into—gadgets, video games, etc.—it’s easy to jump from kid to teenager in a much quicker fashion than we were used to.

But then, there are still a lot of ways you can bond and spend the weekend with your kids before they grow up and would want to spend the weekend with their peers, as most kids eventually do!

Here is a list of awesome things you can do with your kids this weekend in your condo, or at new, interesting places outside home. You can even make this your activities checklist for all the weekends to come!

Bake delightful treats

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There are so many reasons why baking is an absolute fool-proof way to have a great time with your kids at home or in your condo. With your help, of course, your children will surely have a blast mixing together ingredients for cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or whatever treat you decide to make. It can get extra messy, with flour covering their faces and everything, but that will surely add to the fun and playfulness of this bonding activity. The next part is the best part: Eating those scrumptious baked goodies.

Make scrapbooks during a rainy day

A great way to preserve family memories is to create a book that will serve as a reminder of all the things you and your kids have done together since they were babies! Schedule one weekend for a scrapbooking session with your kids, or stay in during a rainy day to collect old photos and mementos from when they were younger. Gather everything along with a few art materials and create a scrapbook that you’ll enjoy looking at ten or twenty years from now when your children are all grown up!

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Go for a day in a museum

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These days, going to museums to explore different forms of art is becoming a rarity. This weekend, instead of going to the mall, bring your kids to a nearby museum and make them look at the different paintings, sculptures, and other artworks they may fancy. Children’s take on art can be highly interesting, so it may be a great learning experience for you as well. You can also take them to an

indoor play place, if an art museum isn’t accessible to your place.

Prepare a weekend scavenger hunt

If your schedule allows you to do so, consider preparing a scavenger hunt for your kids this weekend. You can do it outside or in your condo, just make sure that all the locations in the scavenger hunt are easily accessible and safe for your children. Hide clues and prizes along the way, and make the end of the hunt a surprise that your kids will never forget. It can be something they’ve been wanting for a long time, or tickets to see a movie together!

Volunteer with your kids at a local community activity

Another good weekend activity would be to volunteer with your kids at an orphanage or at a community fund-raising. Ask leaders in your local community if there are programs that are in need of volunteers, and see whether it will be a good fit for you and your kids. There will always be many ways to help, and this can be beneficial to your children as well. Not only does volunteering build character, it also opens the eyes of children to the many ways they can help others.

Learn magic tricks together

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Everyone could use a little magic—not just kids. Teaming up to perform magic together can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with your children, especially if you agree on keeping this magic trick a secret only you and your child know about! Learn magic tricks through various video tutorials online, or read books on how to perform simple magic tricks that you can do with your children.

Go for a day in the playground

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These days, it’s easy to just bring your kids to the mall and rely on arcade places for entertainment. However, nothing beats the physical, mental, and sociological benefits of playing in a playground. For one, it allows your kids to be more physically active, helping them fight obesity and other health risks. Also, going to the playground provides an opportunity for your kids to socialize with their peers, making them improve on their cooperation, participation, and even leadership skills.

Whether it’s a day at home or outside, bonding activities with your kids are a vital part of the parenting and growing up. Always find time to go be with your children—go places together or stay at home doing fun things. Make sure they know that spending time as a family is the most important thing.

This article was written by Jeanette Anzon for the Healthy Moms Magazine. Jeanette also blogs at AdventureDweller.com.

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