How a Little Oral Care can go a Long Way

As moms, we strive to provide not only ourselves with proper oral care, we also take our kids to get routine exams and cleanings. As Kansas parents there are a number of fun, healthy family activities to engage in such as hiking through the Ernie Miller Nature Center, or spending the day getting the blood flowing by strolling through the Kansas City Zoo. Visiting your dentist can provide your family with an equally important investment in their health, as oral care doesn’t just protect the integrity of your teeth—it also plays a part in your overall physical health.

Dentistry that doesn’t stop at teeth

When looking for a family dentist you are also looking for a medical professional who understands how oral health impacts the rest of your body’s functionality. As the Kansas family works hard and plays even harder, finding a dentist who subscribes to the same outlook is important to finding that perfect fit. Be sure to screen the dentists at Rhoades Family Dentistry and inquire as to whether or not they go over general health concerns that are affected by the care of or lack of care in oral hygiene. You will also want to make sure the dentists have a passion for working with children—as kids often fear going to the dentist. Having a patient and understanding dentist to treat your child can offer him or her a whole new experience where the fear factor element of sitting in the dentist’s chair is removed.

Clean your teeth to good health
Not only will continuous routine dental appointments keep your smile clean and bright, it will also help protect your overall health. The Mayo Clinic makes it perfectly clear that bad bacteria in the mouth can lead to heart disease, premature births, and Alzheimer’s disease.

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I heart my dentist

Taking your kids to the dentist isn’t just a good defense against the cotton candy they scarf down while watching the Kansas City Royals fight to make the post-season, it is also a great preventative measure from them forming more serious health issues down the road. After all, the earlier a child receives proper oral care, the healthier he/she will be in adult years. Research has suggested that clogged arteries and stroke are linked to oral bacteria caused by chronic inflammation from a form of gum disease called periodontis. Routine cleanings combined with proper oral care is the only way to keep the gums healthy.

A womb with a view

Gum disease has also been linked to birth defects and babies born with low birth weights. Moms with healthy smiles are at a lower risk for having complications arise with their newborns.

Those pancakes crashed my spaceship

Even one’s risk for getting Alzheimer’s disease is increased when they neglect oral care. The Mayo Clinic states that tooth loss in those as young as 35 years of age can be a sign that they are at greater risk for developing this mentally debilitating condition. When children are introduced to the dentist at an earlier age, they are more likely to continue the upkeep of their oral care and ensure their good health in their future years of adulthood.

Make an appointment

Finding a good family dentist in Kansas starts with a little online research. Once you find a potential winner give that office a call and ask what measures the dental staff take to ensure that the patient’s overall health is being taken into account. Book an appointment today, and determine if the dentist is a good fit for your family.

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