Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Happy During the Winter Months

Kids Playing in Winter

It’s that time of year again when everyone bottles up inside. When the cold winds are blowing and the snow is mounting, you just want to curl up and hibernate. Chances are, your children may feel the same way. Don’t let them fall into the video game trap. You can keep them active if you are creative.

Get Outside as Much as Possible

When the winter months set in, your children should still get outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine is a must. Make sure they have the proper clothes to stay warm in chilly conditions. Have them take breaks for hot chocolate and to thaw out before heading out for another adventure. Get out there with them whenever possible to benefit your health as well.

Find Indoor Alternatives

When there is no chance of heading outside due to severe weather conditions, you can always create opportunities to keep moving inside the house. Treat the stairs like a stair master. Design an obstacle course or a scavenger hunt that incorporates exercise. Try videos and equipment that is intended for children. Turn to a site like for more ideas.

Limit Game and Television Time 

Too much time spent in front of a screen is detrimental to your child‘s health. It can actually lead to obesity. Make your children unplug after a set amount of time. That includes cellular devices, gaming systems, computers, and TV. Even if they are not doing something that involves physical activity, they can actually devote their energy to other, imaginative outlets. 

Take a Walk Together

Make it a family affair and go on a mission to include daily walks together. When you head out together, you’ll get quality time as a family. You’ll also have everyone on the move. Cap it off with a game night when you’re all done or turn your living room into a movie theater. You can promote healthy habits for your children. Don’t forget to include snacks that are good for your kids as well. Remember to include plenty of fresh produce, low fat dairy products, and water as the main beverage of choice. When you all adopt the same lifestyle changes, you’ll be a fit family that can do more together. It’s up to you to be a good role model for your children.

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