School Resolutions

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The New Year is often full of resolutions, typically relating to a health or household goal (lose weight, eat better, more exercise, clear clutter, etc.) Now is also a good time to step back and re-evaluate how things are going for your kids academically. If you resolve to complete these simple tasks between now and the end of the school year, I can guarantee it will be of benefit to you, your kid, and your teacher.

Show appreciation. Teacher Appreciation and holiday gifts are definitely enjoyed and appreciated, but as a teacher, it’s the unprompted surprises that sometimes mean even more. It can be as easy as writing a thank-you note – it will make a teacher’s day and leave a positive impression.

Talk to your kids. Ask them three questions and you’ll be surprised what you can learn. Good conversation starters include:
What was your favorite lesson this year and why?
What are three things you’ve done to help your teacher or another person in class?
What topic that you’ve learned this year do you think will be the most important in your future?

Volunteer. It can be hard to add yet another thing to your schedule, but even something as simple as picking up a set of classroom supplies when you’re already out and about can help a teacher tremendously. Ask your kids’ teachers what’s on their wish list, or volunteer to come in and share a skill or career for a half hour when you drop your kids off.

How do you show your appreciation for your child‘s teacher?

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School Resolutions
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