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10 Active Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Sooo Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  There will be massive amounts of money spent on chocolate, cards, roses, and personalized Sweetheart candies.  But, how will you be spending your time with your hunny?  Another dinner and a movie?  A night on the town?  How about doing something different this year – something FUN!  I came up with 10 ideas that are sure to get you out of the house and into a great mood.  These activities are meant to be done with the person you love.  Or at the very least… “kind of” care about… Happy Valentine’s Day!

1.  Rock Climbing

Here’s a great way to get a total body workout in for Valentine’s Day.  Many places have indoor
climbing walls that are supervised by trained professionals.  Spending the day lifting your body weight up is one way to burn off all that chocolate your significant other bought for you.

2.  Cooking a Healthy Meal Together

We spend so much time eating at restaurants on Valentine’s Day that we forget the good healthy food is right at home.  Cooking together is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner.  It requires lots of teamwork and communication.  Unless of course you have a very small kitchen, in which case, my next activity may be better.  Utensils can get dangerous in tight spaces…

3.  Picnicking

Get outside!  I know we are in the middle of February but, if the weather allows for it, take advantage.  Picnics are fantastic for relaxing and having a romantic snack.  There’s cheese, crackers, wine, and possibly free hugs.   All good things.

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4.  Sledding

If the weather decides to drop a foot of snow then this is the way to go.  You’re never too old for sledding.  Until you wake up the next morning and can’t use your legs.  Climbing up those hills over and over again will sneak up on you.  But it’s fun!

5.  C

ouples Massage

Nothing says “I love you” like suffering through enjoying a deep tissue massage together.  Spas usually offer special Valentine’s Day rates for couples.  Get the royal treatment and enjoy an intimate day filled with scented oils and candles.

6.  Trail Running / Hiking

Another fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors is to go out on a trail.  Pack some food and water and take in the sights that nature has to offer.  This can be a day’s worth of activity packed with exercise, bird watching, and “one on one” time.

7.  Taking an Exercise Class

Get your daily sweat on with your “sweetie” during a workout class.  Most gyms offer spin classes, dance classes, or even boot camp classes (for those feeling dangerous.)  Either way, enjoy a physically fit V-Day and remember to encourage each other!


Paint Balling

One way to get the blood pumping on Valentine’s Day is to shoot paint balls at each other… When the proper safety measures are taken, paint balling can be a great physical activity for both you and your partner.  You may even be able to take out some frustration in the process.  Remember when your husband forgot to do the dishes?  It’s payback time…

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9.  Sightseeing / Tourism

I live next door to New York City and, I have to say, there are still hundreds of things I haven’t seen there.  Sometimes playing the role of a tourist can be fun.  Visit a new town and learn about its history.  This is a great way to discover new places you didn’t know existed.

10.  Visiting a Brewery

Ever wonder how beer is made?  Visiting a local craft brewery is a great way to get out of the house and have some fun while learning about the brewing process.  Craft beer is super popular now, so it’s the cool thing to do.  However, if beer is not your thing then find your local craft cidery or winery.  What’s better on Valentine’s Day then learning about spiked fruit juices?

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