6 Ways to Flatten your Mommy Tummy

After having a baby every mom dreams about having her pre-pregnancy flat tummy back.  Most moms are self conscious about their mid sections. Belly fat accumulates after pregnancy and wearing a bikini on the beach is out of the question.  Below are six ways you can flatten your mommy tummy and get your pre-pregnancy body back.

1. Protein Pack Your Diet

Protein is very important for weight loss and maintaining a healthy body.  A high protein diet can help burn calories faster and build lean muscle tissue.  Protein also helps fight hunger.  Protein takes much longer for your body to process than carbohydrates, which digest quickly. Slower digestion helps you to feel satiated longer.

2. Cut Back on Bad Carbohydrates

There are two types of carbohydrates. The good ones that will help you reach your belly-flattening goals and the bad ones that can contribute to a bloated belly.  Determining which ones are good and bad is quite simple.  Whole grain carbohydrates help fight belly fat while refined carbohydrates increase it.  A whole grain contains the three main parts of a grain; the bran, endosperm and the germ.  When choosing whole grain products look for 100% whole (type of grain) on the packaging. You can also look for the word “whole,” in the first ingredient.

Refined carbohydrates are processed to remove the layers of the original grain. Avoid the following refined carbohydrates: *Please note this is not a complete list.

  • desserts, 
  • ice cream, 
  • most breads, 
  • many crackers, 
  • cookies, 
  • cakes, 
  • muffins, 
  • pan cakes, 
  • waffles, 
  • pies, 
  • candy, 
  • chocolate, 
  • battered or breaded foods, 
  • all types of dough, most cereals, 
  • most pasta, 
  • Jello®, 
  • jellies, jams and preserves, 
  • bagels, 
  • pretzels, 
  • pizza, 
  • potato chips, 
  • peanut butter containing sweeteners, 
  • puddings and custards, 
  • corn chips 
  • caramel corn and kettle corn 
  • granola bars, power bars, energy bars, etc. 
  • rice wrappers 
  • tortillas (unless 100% stone-ground whole grain) 
  • most rice and corn cakes (check labels—100% whole grain ok) 
  • panko crumbs 
  • croutons 
  • fried vegetable snacks like green beans and carrots (usually made from sweet vegetables and contain added dextrin, a sweet starch) 
  • ketchup 
  • check labels on salsa, tomato sauces, salad dressings and other jarred/canned sauces for sugar/sweeteners 
  • sweetened yogurts and other sweetened dairy products 
  • honey-roasted nuts 
  • sweetened sodas
3. Eat Belly Blasting Fruits

The following are the best fruits for your belly:

  • blueberries
  • pomegranate
  • tart cherries
  • grapefruit
  • apples
  • blackberries
  • grapes
  • mango
  • nectarines
  • oranges
  • peaches
  • pears
  • plums
  • raspberries
Avoid high glycemic fruits. Foods with a lower glycemic index help burn belly fat.  The following contain a high glycemic index and should be avoided.
  • dried fruits with added sugar
  • fruits that have been canned in heavy syrup
  • fruit juices, especially if they are not 100 percent juice
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4. Eat Plenty of Vegetables

Eating a diet rich in colorful vegetables can help shrink belly fat and promote weight loss. Vegetables are low in calories but high in nutrients and fiber. You can eat a plate full of raw vegetables and feel satisfied while taking in less calories, which helps you shed the weight quickly without feeling hungry.

5. Take a CLA Supplement

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA promotes weight loss by triggering fat cells to shrink and die off. Studies done on mice consuming a diet high in CLA showed that they had a significant reduction in body fat. CLA also improves insulin resistance, decreases blood sugar levels, and can help fight off some cancers. Taking 3.2 grams of CLA a day may help reduce body fat and promote good health.

6.  Make Exercise a Priority

Combine cardiovascular exercise to burn the fat surrounding your belly with abdominal toning exercises.  Cardiovascular exercise can be anything from walking, running, or swimming.  To strengthen and sculpt your abdominal muscles you can do a combination of different strength training exercises. These include  planks, chair raises, and bicycle crunches. Doing the right ab workouts can get rid of your mommy belly. Visit YouTube and do a search on “abdominal exercises” to find a wider variety to include in your routine.

By taking these six simple steps you will quickly blast that belly fat and get rid of your mommy tummy.

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