Beauty Superfoods can Help You get Even More Gorgeous

Look at the cover of any glossy magazine and you will probably see a beautiful woman or well-groomed man – perfectly clear, radiant skin combined with thick shiny hair. If you are looking to get your man something to help him take care of his facial hair check out this manscaped grooming kit. Nutritionists argue that healthy skin is not always about beauty products found in so many shops. Food plays an important part in every process that happens within our bodies. Flawless skin is as much a result of a good diet as beauty products. The following are all considered to be superfoods, particularly good for your hair and complexion:

Aronia Berries

Aronia BerriesThese are probably the best source of antioxidants available. Aronia berries are far superior to blueberries or acai berries. They assist in reducing inflammation, acne and wrinkles. This is mainly due to the way they boost circulation. Rather tart in taste but really healthy, these berries can be added into a mixed-fruit smoothie.

Bell Peppers
Pick your colour – red, yellow, red or green. All these sorts of bell peppers are fully loaded with vitamin C which is excellent at increasing your collagen production. Collagen is essential for healthy hair and skin. Peppers are tasty and can be added to salads, eaten alone or dipped into humus.

It’s hard not to enjoy lobster! An additional benefit to eating it is the amount of zinc in lobster.  A high content contributes to speedy skin renewal. Zinc is also essential at maintaining collagen levels and even protects cell membranes. Lobster is delicious and has the most health benefits if boiled and can be beneficial if you add it to any dish.

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Including more spinach into your diet is a very effective way of getting Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta-carotene. The three of these work exceptionally well together to protect the skin from the aging affect caused by the UV rays emitted by the sun. Sun protection is still essential as well. Spinach makes a great salad, so you might want to replace your usual leafy greens with spinach.


Lentils are excellent source of protein and iron, items that our bodies cannot do without.  If you are a vegetarian this is a good way of getting these nutrients into your body. Amongst other uses to the body, they promote healthy hair. Lentils make a delicious soup with vegetables or if you are more adventurous, mix them with caramelised onions and a splash of vinegar to make a tasty side dish.

Chia seeds
Chia SeedsProtein, fiber and omega-3’s are all in these little seeds; in fact, chia seeds are an excellent source of vegetarian omega 3. All of these nutrients work to promote a healthy body and prevent inflammation. They assist with that natural, radiant glow and are an exceptionally good diet ‘trick’. Chia seeds absorb ten times their own weight in water which keeps you feeling fuller for longer. These can be added to anything – mixed in with your yoghurt or in your daily smoothie, the options are limitless.

Almonds are a rich source of flavonoids which are known to help in keeping the heart healthy.  They also have plenty of Vitamin E which is fundamental for vibrant skin. Almonds are also able to ward off free radicals which can be very damaging for people’s general health and immune system. It has even been suggested they can help with the oxidative damage caused by smoking. Almonds are the perfect snack, although it is important to include them in raw form into your diet.

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Sea Buckthorn
Sea Buckthorn is an herb full of Omega 7s. These are essential for strong hair and nails. Sea Buckthorn also assists with moisture retention which is vital to the health of the complexion.  Unfortunately, it does not have a nice flavor so this one is better taken as a supplement. Apparently, the benefits of this herb are numerous – according to various studies performed, Sea Buckthorn may improve sight, prevent infection and slow down the aging process.

What would you be willing to do to look gorgeous? Healthy food and a proper workout routine are vital for men and women who want to stay healthy and look gorgeous. Equally, it is important to pick superfoods to help speed up the fat burning process, and thus sculpt your body in the most efficient way without resorting to drastic dietary measures.

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