Fun Springtime Family Activities

Being a healthy mom isn’t just about rustling up healthy meals for yourself and keeping yourself in fit shape; it’s about making sure the kids are doing the same thing!
When you’re not making sure that the kids are tucking into healthy food, you can keep tabs on their exercise levels and spend some good quality time with them too. Now that winter is almost over, there’s plenty of stuff to do that’s fun when the sun comes out. Here are a few ideas to get you going.
Have a picnic
Any excuse to get the kids outdoors is an excuse worth making. Planninga picnic can be so much fun from start to finish. On a sunny day, get the kids in the kitchen helping out to make healthy treats and snacks, and help them pack it into a hamper.
Make sure you take a Frisbee for playing with after you’re all fed!
Go camping in the back yard
This whimsical but wonderful idea is great for kids. Children love making their own dens, so set up a tent for them in the back garden and they can make one outside!
When it gets dark, join them to tell each other scary ghost stories!
Pony riding
Going on a pony trek is a great way of spending time with your kids, and having a lot of fun yourself! Horse riding centres often offer short lessons, or short treks into the countryside. Kids will love the ponies, and you will enjoy the views.
Go to the zoo
If you think your child might be a little nervous about the horse trotting away with them, taking them to a zoo can be just as much fun. In fact, plenty of zoos offer a petting area where kids can pet and feed small animals – like ponies – so they can get to grips with the animal kingdom.
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 By Danielle Webb for The Healthy Moms Blog Magazine

Danielle Webb is a busy blogger, creative and mother of one who regularly shares her adventures and tips in the hope that she will inspire and guide parents, as so many have done before her. 

*This article originally appeared on The Healthy Moms Magazine on February 25, 2013.
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