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How many people out there enjoy listening to music while running or exercising at the gym?  Sooo… how many can’t stand when the head phones don’t stay in place?!  I thought so… And, don’t even start about wires being everywhere while trying to stretch and move freely around the padded mat.  Ugh…
As an avid runner and frequent visitor to a gym, I feel your pain and I finally decided to do something about it.  Bluetooth headphones!  I came across with the best true wireless earbuds under 100 and figured I would give them a shot.  They were relatively affordable ($119.99) and sporty (wrap around), so they had my name written all over them.  Let me tell you about the life changing experience I had. 
First off, they came in a custom hard shell case that is great for traveling and packing them away without fear of breaking them.  Second, they retail for $119.99 which is a competitive price when compared to some of the other brands out there on the market.  I never linked any Bluetooth item up to my iPhone 5S before so at first I was a little hesitant.  Luckily, the simple instructions that were provided helped me realize how easy it was.  All I had to do was turn the Bluetooth switch on my phone to “ON” (in settings app) and power up the headphones.  After holding the “phone” button on the headphones for 10 seconds, I noticed the “Red Fox Edge” appear on the iPhone screen and become clickable.  After I connected, I was on my way. 

I decided to take them for a test run because that’s what I do.  Here in the Northeast, spring has officially started… but not really.  The first thing I noticed was that, since these are a “wrap around” type of headphone, the ability to wear winter head gear may be compromised.  However… according to the instructions, these headphones can actually be worn two different ways.  What!?!  By flipping them over, they actually wrap under your ear which allows for you to throw on a head band or some type of head gear.  It gets better.  For those who are actually enjoying real spring weather, The EDGE Headphones even allow for a pair of sunglasses to fit comfortably without interference.  

The big question is, “How did they hold up during the actual run?”  Well, my answer to that is simple, “Fantastic.”  I’m addicted to music when I exercise.  I tend to get into the zone while running and turn off everything else.  The moment that my favorite song comes on I feel unstoppable.  Until my left ear bud falls out.  I push it back in and continue on my way.  Next song comes on, “OH MY GOD I’M RUNNING SO FAST TO THIS BEAT RIGHT NOW.”  And then the left ear bud falls out again.  Apparently my left ear is the problem… With The EDGE Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, I can promise this is not the case.  I remember actually checking to make sure they weren’t budging or getting ready to come out.  I was waiting for it to happen and it never did.  The headphones stayed snug against my head and in my ears the entire run.  Red Fox Wireless claims these will never fall out…. And I can see why. 
As far as sound goes, I used my Spotify app to stream music during my run.  For anybody who keeps a lot of music on their phones, these are a great accessory to own.  The EDGE Headset even comes with a built-in microphone if you would like to answer a phone call while wearing them.  I got a chance to test that function out when my fiancé called during my run.  “Hunny, I’m trying to run right now… can we talk about the wedding venue later?”  The sound was crystal clear during my conversation.  
With that said, these headphones even go beyond exercise.  For example, they would be great for commuting into work via public transportation.  You can relax to your favorite tunes, yet, still have the ability to answer that “important” work phone call without touching your phone. 
According to the website, they have up to a 32 foot range.  I wore them around my apartment with my phone in a different room and didn’t experience any issues.  Also, they come with a 5-8 hour battery life.  You know what that means… they are ultra-marathon ready (even if you aren’t)! 

I would recommend The EDGE Bluetooth Wireless Headset to anybody who enjoys wearing headphones but hates the hassle they come with.   I may have found my new favorite accessory.  They’re light, portable, durable, and even sweat repellant.  Pick up a pair from their website www.RedFoxWireless.comand experience the difference they make!

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