A Twist on Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day isn’t just a Hallmark card holiday. It’s a day to celebrate our mothers and those who have taken care of us physically, mentally and spiritually for years. Now as a mom it’s important to me to teach my son about being thoughtful to the ones he loves. Not just with a gift, but in how we treat each other. Truthfully, this is a year-round task, not just for an annual holiday. But, having a day to reflect on why we love and appreciate our mothers starts the conversation. I love gifts, but honestly it’s the thought behind them that brings me the most joy. In this month’s Healthy Mom’s Magazine vlog, I talk about some unique gift ideas that put a twist on the traditional Mother’s Day present.

I’m guessing that most of you value wellness since you read this blog, so please watch the video and join us in creating a new list of healthy gifts, taking a twist on the traditional to promote health and wellness for our families.

Let’s build a list of unique Mother’s Day gift ideas in the comment section below.


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