Find Safe and Effective Health and Beauty Care Products with the Choosy Chick #sponsored

The Choosy Chick

As moms it is important to make sure our kids are healthy. With the increase in the number of children with special needs and other physical ailments we may question why this is happening. One theory is that the products and foods that American consumers are buying contain too many harsh chemicals and harmful additives.  I believe that this is a contributing factor to major health issues effecting children and adults today.

In order to prevent cancer, obesity, ADHD and other disorders we need to be choosy with not only the food that we eat, but also the cosmetics that we use.  Margot and Joe White from Connecticut started the Choosy Chick boutique to help consumers find safe and effective health and beauty care products. They were shocked to learn that the products they had been using everyday for themselves and their children contained ingredients considered to be harmful.

The Choosy Chick

The Choosy Chick researches  and samples natural cosmetics on the market and only selects the finest non-toxic personal care products you and your family deserve. They have also developed their very own standard for ingredients which has become the foundation for the products they offer.  As a result of their choosy nature, they offer the purest, most effective and unique products available today.


Below is a sampling of some of the brands that the Choosy Chick carries.

The Choosy Chick
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The Choosy Chick

The Choosy Chick wants to pamper mothers this Mothers Day. Starting tomorrow, April 24, 2015 you can  treat your Mom and yourself.  Spend $100.00 at The Choosy Chick and get a $20.00 gift card. Gift cards will be emailed to the purchaser upon order fulfillment – no expiration date on gift cards and no code is needed of this promotion. Visit to view their complete product catalog and place your order. You can also follow The Choosy Chick on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

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