Refreshing Ways to Spend the Weekend with Your Husband

No matter how far you have gone through as a couple, you need to recharge your relationship with your husband every now and then. Throughout time, you have formed a tight bond as friends, partners in crime, and lovers. You and your husband have seen each other grow as you face challenges and milestones together.

And now, your husband is your partner in life as he provides constant company and his fair share of responsibilities to keep your home healthy and happy. Boost your relationship with different ways to relax. Even if you have been joined at the hip for a long time now, you are always bound to discover something new in each other. To start, why not shake up your weekends? Here are 7 fresh, mentally and emotionally-relaxing activities to spend the weekend with your husband.

Revamp your home

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Your home is the haven that you build for your family. More than doing the house chores to keep it up and running, you need to make your home the best that it can be regardless of the size or type of your space.

First, fix things that need repair, but you were not able to tend to during the week. It could be a leaky faucet, scratched or broken furniture, or squeaky doors. Then think of what you want to achieve in this weekend project. Would you like to try out new space-saving ideas suited for apartment living? Build a better study nook for your kids? Paint your walls a different color for a refreshing change? Whatever it is, home improvement is one of the most worthwhile collaborations that will test your creativity, DIY skills, and teamwork as husband and wife.

Reminisce about the past and map out your future

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Go down the memory lane and revisit your shared history so you can better appreciate what you have right now and what the future has in store for you.

Peruse your old photos and trinkets that you have saved over the course of your relationship. Go on a second honeymoon and explore different destinations such as the white beaches of Boracay. Just make sure that you carefully plan your beach getaway from the budget to the accommodation to the itinerary in order to avoid couple travel blunders.

After that, make plans for the future like you excitedly did when you were just a new couple. The only difference now is you have gained more understanding of each other and what you want to happen in your relationship and for your family.

Get moving with a fitness activity

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Step out of the doldrums and get physical by engaging in a fitness activity. It is not only a different way to hang out with your favorite person, it also delivers a punch of physical and mental health benefits, which you both need for you and your family.

Enjoy a few rounds of tennis. If you haven’t played basketball your entire life, now is the time to have your husband channel his basketball coach side. You can also swim if you prefer getting into the water. If you can both play the sport, make it all the more exciting by turning it into a friendly competition. To take it a notch higher, place bets like the one who loses should do the dare that the winner will come up with.

Celebrate achievements

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You and your husband are one team and so, whatever achievement one of you has should be celebrated as a couple. A study by psychologists from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found out that sharing excitement for each other’s accomplishments such as promotions is one of the traits of the most satisfying relationships. They added that celebrating boosts your partner’s ego and reinforces your bond.

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With this, eat out, bring on the bubbly, and toast to success. More importantly, you two should assure each other that you have each other’s back so both of you should not be afraid to reach greater heights. Again, you are each other’s better half and you should be beyond proud.

Be up for something spontaneous, crazy, and fun

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The weekdays bring the usual mix of work, kids, and other tasks on your to-do lists. Break out of this routine and go crazy over the weekend. Try having your husband do your makeup or style you even for just a day. Do the same for him and see how both of you get to walk in each other’s style. You can also hit the road with your husband without a specific destination in mind, just wherever your wandering selves take you for an adventure. You might want to chronicle the experience online or if you prefer something more private, just take photos of it for your kids to see.

Get in touch with old friends

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Reach out to people who have been part of your love story, but whom you have not seen in a long time. Depending on the person, pay them a surprise visit or schedule a get-together with them. Catch up with your roommate who introduced your husband to you. Visit your maid of honor and best man at your wedding. Spend time with each other’s families and look back on the days when you did not have them as official in-laws yet.

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This will not only make you appreciate the good times, it will also strengthen the bond between you as a couple and them as your friends. After all, they are witnesses to your relationship from the very first day.

Give each other gifts

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Why wait for a special occasion? Giving your significant other a present is one of the ways you can communicate your love for him and how much he means to you. You do not need to buy anything fancy. You can shop each other clothes in a bargain shop and for a twist, have an agreement that you will buy each other something you haven’t worn but will look great on you. You can also not buy anything if you are up for some DIY craft session. What matters is you take time to give each other tangible reminders of your affections.

Weekends are time for most people to relax after a tiring but productive week. Make the most out of it by exploring new ways to relax with your husband and strengthen your relationship. Creativity paves way for more of it and these relaxing activities to spend the weekend with your husband are a good start. So go ahead, seize the weekend and have fun with your partner.

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