What is a Healthy Mom?

Healthy Mom
Healthy Mom and Daughter

I often get asked about why I started this site and why I chose Healthy Mom for the title. Here’s a bit of background on what a healthy mom really is.

My husband Chris was the inspiration for starting The Healthy Moms Magazine back in 2007. When he was a child he had heart surgery to correct a defect. In the eighties doctors thought it would be too risky for Chris to be active in sports or to even get excited like normal kids do.  He led a very sedentary lifestyle as a child which caused him to become obese.  By the time he was twenty the doctors said that his weight was very unhealthy and it could cause his heart problems to return.  A couple of years later he lost over 100 pounds and has since then kept the weight off.

Staying fit and healthy is important to Chris and I and it should be important to everyone.  However, I understand that there are some people that struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and keeping up with a regular fitness program.  The Healthy Moms Magazine is here to provide answers and tips for those needing the extra push to stay healthy.

So what is a healthy mom anyway? The first step to being a healthy mom is to be a good example for your children. We are their first teachers. They learn from watching and mimicking us. To be a healthy mom we must take care of ourselves first. If we eat healthy foods, exercise, pray daily, and read books our children will incorporate those things into their lives as well.

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Being a healthy mom means we set aside time for ourselves.  My readers are always looking for more information on how to have more me time for busy moms.  I understand how hectic our lives can be, so we are here to help.

A healthy mom also strives to be the best parent she can be. God, marriage and family are the number one priorities for healthy moms. When our kids become difficult to handle we first turn to the Lord and then read the latest parenting tips.  We strive to be a positive influence for our children.

What does a healthy mom mean to you?

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