Spring Clean Your Body: The Benefits of H20

As a mom of a soon to be one-year-old, I can’t help but to reflect on this past year.  It’s been a long year of dirty diapers, bubble baths, late night bottles, check-ups, spit up on clothing, lost socks, and so much more.  One thing, though, that I have taken with me because of all the lack of sleep, is a tired face.

I was reminiscing over old pictures of me two years ago and the first thing I thought was, “wow, I look so tired now!”  No, really!  It’s funny how when you become a parent, it’s no longer about you.  You kind of forget about the skin creams, the upkeep, and the health.  Not always, I know there are some super moms out there, but I sure did!

Yeah, that can mean facials, highlights, massages, and the things us women do to stay look like our radiant selves.  But even the easiest of all beauty tricks, I forget to do on the daily:  Drink enough water!

No, not botox, pedicures, or organic chicken.  I am talking about H20!  Need some convincing?  Here are some the physical benefits that drinking enough water in the day can give you:

  • It is a significant factor in weight loss: Need to get back in shape?  Just start drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses per day.  Not only does water help make you full during a meal so you end up eating significantly less, but it also can help with fatigue when you feel tired.  This is great for us moms who sometimes feel too tired to hit the gym after a tough day with the kids or at the office.
  • It acts as a natural detox:  Water helps flush out all the toxins and fat that likes to stick around in our bodies.  This is simply because it helps us deplete of waste.
  • It makes your hair shinier: This one is interesting!  The cold temperature of the water actually constricts the cuticle layer of your hair so it lies flatter which end up making strands smoother and more reflective.  
  • Water can act as a replacement for anti-ageing treatments. We buy moisturizer, cream, and serums to keep our skin hydrated which is what water does naturally.  Wrinkles are formed because of dead skin and lack of moisture, So with exfoliation and hydration, you can get the same effect. 
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There you go! There are a few reasons why you should start drinking water like, yesterday.

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