VINIA™ the First Biofood Superfood by BioHarvest

I love wine, red wine, white wine – you name it.  After a long day of taking care of my five children I sit down and relax with my glass of wine.  If you are a wine lover like me, now you can have wine for breakfast too.  BioHarvest has created the first ever biofood called VINIA™. Essentially, VINIA™ is a red grape cell powder rich in nutrients that encapsulates the benefits of red wine, without the unwanted sugars, calories or alcohol. It’s easily consumed and great for sprinkling atop or mixing into every day foods and drinks, like a delicious yogurt parfait. VINIA™ has a smooth rich taste of an unsweetened grape.


BioHarvest, founded in Israel in 2007, is a consumer health company on a mission to use science and revolutionary technology to uncover and unleash the power of nature. Through innovative science they were able to create a fruit powder with the benefits of the fruit without undesired components like sugars, fats or calories.

“We did not discover the benefits of red wine, but we wanted to discover a way to harness the power of nature to bring these benefits in a new form without the sugars, calories and alcohol,” stated Zaki Rakib, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of BioHarvest, “And make a difference about how people think about food and nutrition.”

VINIA™ simplifies the pursuit of the “French Paradox,” which means you get the same amount of Resveratrol in one serving of VINIA™ as 1,000 red grapes, 1 bottle of fine red wine and 4 glasses of fine red wine combined.

The French Paradox

The benefits of consuming one serving of VINIA™ (400 mg every day) include, promotes healthy blood circulation, aids in healthy arteries, supports blood pressure already within normal range and it helps promote anti-oxidant activity.

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VINIA™ is  grown in a nutrient solution using a process that mirrors nature.

How Vinia is Made

BioHarvest states that VINIA™ has a smooth rich taste of an unsweetened grape, however, when  I topped my raspberry Greek yogurt with VINIA™ I could not taste the grape flavor. I think the raspberries overpowered the flavor of the VINIA™. It probably would taste better in plain or vanilla yogurt.

BioHarvest has many suggestions for serving VINIA™. You can sprinkle it on top or mix it into every day foods and drinks. Mix VINIA™ into a smoothie or sprinkle it on top of a salad. You can also try this delicious recipe.

BioHarvest’s Yogurt Parfait

BioHarvest's Yogurt Parfait


· 1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
· 1/3 cup granola
· ¼ cup raspberries
· ¼ cup blueberries
· 1 sachet VINIA™ red grape powder
· Drizzle of honey


In a bowl combine yogurt, granola, and VINIA™. Stir to combine, then layer half in a wide-mouth mason jar. Add half the berries, then layer in remaining yogurt mixture and berries. Refrigerate overnight, and up to 3 days. Enjoy cold.

VINIA™ is available at for $149.99 for a one month supply (30 servings) or $119.00 per month with a subscription. For a limited time you can get the first month free with a monthly subscription.

*Disclosure:  I received a one month supply (30 servings) of VINIA™  in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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