Fun In The Sun: Fitness For Spring and Summer

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Looking to get some physical fitness this month? With many people setting up their backyards, opening their pools, and planning trips to the beach, it’s time to start thinking about getting active outdoors. After all, who wants to be cooped up in a gym when the sun is shining? With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, The Ski Bum has put together a list of some of the most fun physical activities you can participate in that will increase your level of fitness without feeling like work!

Disc Golf:  Much like golf, the objective of disc golf is to get a frisbee across the field of play and into the net in as little passes as possible. The best part about disc golf is that it can be set up and played virtually anywhere. There are a lot of disc golf courses in Delaware where you can pay to play, but if you purchase your own equipment you can set up in any park, beach, or field. The game requires a lot of motion, including walking, jogging, and twisting to pass the frisbee. In one intense round of disc golf, you can burn as many as 900 calories, work on your cardio, and build up your oblique, bicep, and shoulder muscles.


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the beach, surfing is a great way to break up a day of lounging in the sand. Paddling out to sea works on your upper body muscles, while balancing on your board allows you to focus on your core muscles. The total calories you burn depend on the intensity of the waves and your current weight, but as a base, you’ll burn around 125 calories in 30 minutes of surfing. The rougher the waves, the more calories burned!

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Skateboarding or Cycling:

There’s nothing better than cruising through a shore point on a skateboard or electric bicycles. Both activities allow you to work on your leg muscles and your level of cardiovascular activity. Of course, it’s important to consider the terrain you’re riding on. After all, riding a bicycle downhill is less intense than riding one uphill, causing your heart rate to level off or increase, respectively. On average, skateboarding can burn 350 calories per hour  and you can start by using the best kid’s skateboards to start learning (find more details here).


Weightlifting at the gym is great, but you can work the same muscles while enjoying the great outdoors! Kayaking is reliant on you to paddle and steer your way around, working your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Pack a picnic and plan a trip across a local river, or take some Sea Kayak Explorer out to sea and enjoy the openness of the ocean. In just 30 minutes of kayaking, you can burn about 200 calories, but you’re also building muscle strength, which will allow you to burn more calories in the long-run.


If surfing or kayaking aren’t quite your thing, you can still be physical at the beach. Regularly swimming is a great way to lose fat and work on your cardio. The best part about swimming is that you’re not covered in sweat, and when you’re ready to stop, you’re already in the water. As with any activity, the intensity at which you swim determines how many calories you burn, but in only 30 minutes of intense swimming you can burn around 500 calories.

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Remember to consider the level of intensity you are participating in. Participate at a level that you feel comfortable with – burning the calories is just an added bonus. Enter your gender, age, height, and weight into this calorie calculator for a more accurate estimate of the calories you burn during these activities, and get fit this summer with these great activities!

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