Time to Target Stretch Marks

Many people – both men and women – have stretch marks on their skin. For women, pregnancy is one of the main causes, but there are many factors that may contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever get rid of them completely, you can certainly reduce their visibility. Here are some of the natural approaches you might try to target those areas.

Topical Treatments

There are lots of creams available that can help lighten the color and look of stretch marks. As an added bonus, they sometimes work on cellulite as well. Leonisa’s Sense Body & Spa Stretch Mark Massage Cream uses oils and elastin to reduce skin marks, and its citrusy scent is very refreshing. When shopping for a lotion, look for products that increase collagen. These will improve your skin’s elasticity and lighten the look of stretch marks. Check out the stretch mark cream on ClassicShapewear.com.

At-Home Items

There are several items you have in your home right now that could be helpful in targeting your stretch marks. Sugar, for example, may be combined with olive oil and lemon juice and used as an exfoliation tool. Rub the mixture on your skin daily to lighten to look of the marks. The aloe vera gel you use on sun burns also may be effective on stretch marks, and many people use straight lemon juice or lemon juice mixed with cooling cucumber juice.

HydrationOf course, the best way to keep your skin looking its best overall is to drink plenty of water. If you use a daily moisturizer on your body, it should combine with hydrated skin to create a glow that can’t be dimmed by stretch marks.


Prescription Products If your stretch marks are excessive or appear in areas that are normally exposed to view, you might ask your doctor about prescription creams that can help. Things such as the acne treatment Retin-A might work on your stretch marks, or there is Lextrin, a concentrated solution that contains oils and acids that can quickly fade the marks.

Other OptionsTwo of the more involved methods of stretch mark reduction are laser treatments and surgery. The lasers used in this type of solution will vary depending how old the marks are. If your stretch marks are mostly a result of pregnancy and are concentrated on the abdomen, a “tummy tuck” surgerycan eliminate this problem area.

If your stretch marks bother you, there are several different approaches you may take in reducing their appearance. The treatments likely will take dedication, but if you stick with it, you can love the way you look.

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