Treadmill Desks and the Benefits to Moms Working at Home

Treadmill desks are changing the lives of work-at-home moms everywhere. Any parent will tell you that there’s not enough time in the day, and a treadmill desk gives you just that – time. Being able to exercise while you get your work done is a simple yet highly effective way to squeeze a few precious hours out of your day. There are many health benefits associated with treadmill desks, plus you are going to be naturally stimulated and more productive. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

Exercise Daily

Finding that motivation to exercise every day is not easy, but it’s so important. Instead of sitting at a desk while you work, make it a habit to hop on the treadmill. Even a mild stroll for an hour or two gets the blood flowing, burns calories, and boosts your energy levels. If you find that driving to the gym after a long day just doesn’t seem appealing, combine your exercise routine and workday into one enjoyable session. Eventually you will wonder how you ever worked sitting down.

Reduce Back Pain

Have you ever worked a full day, only to stand up with severe cramps and back pain after? It happens to everyone. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time can be detrimental to your health, and stretching every few hours is highly recommended. A treadmill desk allows you to stay active, ensuring that you feel your absolute best at the end of the workday, while also improving your posture in the process. A treadmill desk is really an investment in your long-term health.

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Get Motivated

Anyone who works at home knows that getting started on your daily tasks can be a mental challenge. Starting your day with exercise is one of the best ways to wake your brain up and get motivated. Most people don’t wake up and immediately jump into a vigorous workout, and a treadmill desk allows you to cater your exercise routine to how you feel. You can start out with a gentle stroll while you make a few phone calls and send some emails, and then increase the speed as you want throughout the day.

Be More Productive

Do you ever find yourself getting distracted while working? Moms in particular are often distracted by children throughout the workday. With a treadmill desk, you can let your child know that you need to focus when you are on the treadmill, giving you a simple way to communicate that you are busy working. Additionally, your mind will start to associate physical exercise with focusing, helping you to become a more productive worker. See the Difference for Yourself

If you are ready to add some excitement to your workday, a treadmill desk may be the perfect solution. If you want to improve your daily fitness plan, but you just don’t seem to have the time, try a treadmill desk. Companies like Work Live Walk sell quality treadmill desks that won’t break your budget. Being a mom is a busy enough job on its own, and you deserve to knock some time off your schedule. Invest in the future of your work and health with a treadmill desk.

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By Andrew Hoffman for the Healthy Moms Blog Magazine

Andrew Hoffman is a freelance writer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. He has written for a wealth of high-profile clients like,, including Demand Media and many more. In his spare time, he enjoys physical fitness, traveling and gardening.

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